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It's 2020: Resolve to Get Tech-Savvy

Jan 23, 2020 9:34:52 AM | Marta Young

Let me preface this by saying I am not a general technology expert. I went to law school, not MIT. I don’t know how to code, program, design an app or build a website. I contact my IT guy with near-religious regularity.

That said, as a Review Manager at Ricoh eDiscovery, I continually see the benefits of leveraging the latest legal technology to better serve clients. Our document reviews now almost exclusively utilize Relativity Active Learning, which harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to streamline the review process.

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Meet Our Relativity Masters

Dec 3, 2019 1:02:22 PM | Marketing

We are excited to share that two members of our team have achieved Relativity Master status the highest accreditation available through the eDiscovery market’s leader. This certification is no easy feat; it requires passing the Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) program as well as four additional certifications. These certifications can take years to complete and fewer than 100 people across the globe have achieved Master status. 

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Webinar Announcement: Activating Active Learning – A Fresh from ‘Fest Webinar

Oct 12, 2018 10:48:20 AM | Marketing

We've just returned from Relativity Fest 2018, where our team hosted a session on Active Learning that was so well received, we decided to bring it to the masses!

Activating Active Learning: A Fresh From 'Fest Webinar
Thurs, Oct 18th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

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Activating Active Learning

Sep 27, 2018 11:06:25 AM | Marketing

Roland von Borstel, Director of Discovery Solutions and Danny Chan, Senior Discovery Engineer, are headed to Relativity Fest 2018 to present the session "Activating Active Learning” on Monday, October 1 at 11 a.m. CT. We sat down with them to learn more about their session, the benefits of using Active Learning, and what they’re looking forward to at the conference.

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To our #TIPTO17 Sponsors, thank you.

Nov 8, 2017 10:24:15 AM | Marketing

Technology in Practice 2017 launches in Toronto at the Shangri-La Hotel tonight, and after months of planning and coordination we are very excited to be hosting a sold out event! As we look ahead to what promises to be an incredible two days of education and CoNEXTion, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our incredible sponsors. 

These organizations have invested their own time and resources to help make the conference a success. We are honoured to stand beside each one of them over the next two days and generate ideas that inspire, expand perspectives and drive our industry forward.

Thank you to our Technology in Practice 2017 Sponsors.

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Seeking Inspiration from Effective Workflows

Feb 3, 2017 12:54:07 PM | Marketing

The editors of The Relativity Blog recently reached out vetern eDiscovery professionals to get their tips on how to engage your eDiscovery teams in order to get everyone on board with using analytics tools. 

Among the interviewed experts were our own Yvette Bula, Senior Director, Discovery Solutions, and Jessica Lockett, Director, Legal Solutions, who had this to say about seeking inspiration from effective workflows in order to encourage their teams:

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To our 2016 Sponsors, we thank you.

Oct 29, 2016 10:53:45 AM | Marketing

As we head into the last weekend before Technology in Practice 2016 launches in Toronto, and a bit of calm before what promises to be a very busy but exciting week ahead, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our incredible sponsors.  

These organizations have invested their own time and resources to help us make this conference what it is today. But beyond that, they have helped make our industry what it is today. They are by definition, "Champions of eDiscovery", having had the courage to lead the industry by opening doors for others and pioneering new ways of working.

Thank you to all of our Technology in Practice 2016 Sponsors.

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Commonwealth Legal at Relativity Fest 2016

Oct 7, 2016 2:59:55 PM | Marketing

Attending Relativity Fest next week? Be sure to check out the sessions featuring Yvette Bula, Senior Director, Discovery Solutions of Commonwealth Legal:

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kCura's 3 Healthy Habits of Every Successful Analytics Team

Sep 21, 2016 2:14:21 PM | Marketing

Analytics use in ediscovery is most successful when the team of experts behind the technology work in similar ways. In his article, kCura's Constantine Pappas explores the healthy habits that every successful analytics team has.

The following article has been published with permission from kCura's Relativity Blog.

Written by: Constantine Pappas

Our industry exists in an era of fast-paced innovation, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who could successfully
argue that new technology, in itself, by itself, is enough. Each product or feature needs to be supported with instructional content that makes the technology accessible and perhaps even attractive to its intended users. Even so, there is only so much a technology creator can do to ensure a positive outcome once the product ships and arrives in the customer’s hands.

We’ve learned that being successful, truly successful, with text analytics requires specific patterns in case teams’ processes. What’s more, customers who take ownership of their analytics success appear to travel very similar paths, and we’d like to spend a bit of time today exploring a few of these trends in the form of three useful tips.

Successful analytics users:

1. Know their data.

2. Ask, don’t guess.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

To read the full article, and further explore each Healthy Habit, check out The Relativity Blog.

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A Combination of Analytics Tools will Help Boost Technology Assisted Review.

Jul 22, 2016 4:41:56 PM | Yvette Bula

Last week, editors of The Relativity Blog reached out to Yvette Bula, Senior Director of Technical Services at Commonwealth Legal, to get her thoughts on how using a combination of analytics tools can narrow down the scope of complex cases—even when it comes to technology-assisted review.

The three tools discussed in this informative article include:

1. Email Threading

2. Concept Searching

3. Clustering

To read Yvette's full article and find out how using a combination of analytics tools can prove to be an effective approach to TAR, check out the The Relativity Blog.

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