Ricoh eDiscovery
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About Us

Providing secure, cloud-based legal eDiscovery solutions that unite human expertise with powerful technologies to deliver exceptional results at a predictable price.

What Sets Us Apart

We are experts in eDiscovery. It is our core business and have been providing electronic discovery and legal document management solutions to major corporations, law firms and government agencies for over 15 years.

Since 2000, Ricoh eDiscovery (formerly Commonwealth Legal) has been a leader in evidence management and eDiscovery solutions. In 2014, we became part of Ricoh Canada, giving us the backing of a global organization with an 80 year history of innovation, industry-leading solutions and a refusal to be limited by tradition. Our quality standards are defined based on the feedback we receive directly from our customers and the mandate that we provide an exceptional experience that meets their expectations.


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Our Team

Our team of eDiscovery experts understand litigation and know what types of data are important in any given situation. Our ability to combine this deep expertise with secure and effective solutions enables us to deliver valuable results that reduce data volume and provide efficient access to the most relevant documents.

Whether you are already an expert, or this is your first litigation case, Ricoh eDiscovery is your trusted partner to guide you through the process step-by-step. Our team will work with you to design a customized solution that meets your needs, regardless of size, scope or complexity.


Events & Sponsorships

Ricoh eDiscovery is the proud sponsor of several key industry conferences and events throughout the year. We also take pride in hosting our own regional events and national annual conference, Technology in Practice, with the goal of sharing thought-leadership, unique and educational perspectives and industry-leading technologies across North America.

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