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Technology and eDiscovery Managed Services

Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients that are simple, efficient, cost-effective and secured. Ricoh's eDiscovery Managed Services combines our deep expertise with secure and effective technology to deliver high impact results at a predictable monthly rate.

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Focus on your core business

Many organizations lack the resources to effectively handle the advanced technology and complex infrastructure requirements for eDiscovery while also managing the IT demands to run their core business. Let Ricoh work with you to take the burden off your internal IT resources.

We will seamlessly migrate your data and applications to our Microsoft® Azure™ cloud environment and provide application support with around-the-clock availability. With a powerful combination of certified expertise, tenured experience and a culture of service excellence, our project managers will provide total transparency to your data as we become part of your extended team.

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Access to industry-leading technology

Ricoh invests significant time and resources to proactively seek and assess diverse technologies and drive strategic partnerships, offering our clients a comprehensive suite of industry-leading technologies. This means that we can design and implement the most effective solutions and workflows that will help you manage data volumes, enhance case strategy, mitigate risk and reduce review costs.  Our current technology portfolio includes Relativity, and VenioOne.

Ricoh’s eDiscovery team combines certified expertise with tenured experience and a culture of service excellence. We will work closely with you to fully understand your unique strengths and challenges, and ensure you get the right solution to achieve your business goals, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

With innovative thinking, we will support your team to gain exceptional data insight and control. This includes culling down complex data to make it more manageable, and helping you get to the heart of your case faster.

imagination_balloon_RelOneWhy eDiscovery Managed Services from Ricoh?

  • Enhanced security from Ricoh’s Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud environment
  • Reduced demands for your internal IT resources
  • Minimized up-front financial investment and predictable monthly rates
  • Specialized expertise and technology-certified project management
  • Trusted, global organization with scale, business maturity and reliability