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Is your eDiscovery software still update-able?

Feb 26, 2020 10:35:07 AM | Sean Lynch

When it comes to legacies, eDiscovery software isn't something to pass on.

No lawyer likes being challenged by opposing counsel on the efficacy and accuracy of a production. For significant litigation matters, few issues give rise to greater cost concerns than that of an incomplete or over-production of documents. The eDiscovery process is one that should be controlled by the best and most-proportionate combination of expertise, process, and technology. While law firms often possess both expertise and process know-how, they may be lacking in a key area: technology.

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Everything You Need to Know About Production Protocols

Feb 25, 2020 9:32:28 AM | Laura Clewley

Whether you know it as a production protocol, discovery plan or exchange guideline, establishing a formal method of exchanging documents is essential when it comes to a seamless case production. For the sake of continuity, we’ll refer to them as “production protocols” in this blog.

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Commentary: Judge Andrew Peck's take on current legal tech issues

Feb 24, 2020 3:13:55 PM | Sean Lynch

During Legalweek 2020, Judge Andrew Peck was asked about his take on technology in the legal world. In the Q&A interview published by, the retired federal judge gave his thoughts on eyes-on review, unarchived data and how there is still work to be done in order to integrate technology into the law.

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Friday Top 9 for February 21

Feb 21, 2020 4:10:29 PM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

More women must enter male-dominated legal tech to guard against AI bias

Via Global Legal Post

At last month's Global Legal Forum in London, keynote speaker Christina Blacklaws presented the idea that more women need to pursue careers in legal tech to ensure bias doesn't get "hardwired" into AI-assisted decision making. According to Blacklaws, the industry's innovations are currently being weighed down by a systemic bias. Read the full article to learn why, if more women don't come on board, the future of AI in legal tech could be in danger. 

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Friday Top 9 for February 14, 2020

Feb 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM | Marketing

Happy Friday and Valentine's Day! Here are nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

Stay safe online this Valentine's Day


Love is in the air today and online scammers are on the prowl to take advantage of the romantics. While this CSO article was originally published in 2018, its message still holds true: not every web user has their heart in the right place. From navigating dating sights to understanding which e-cards are okay to open, this article breaks down how the darker side of the web can fool people on Valentine's Day.

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Ricoh Canada partners with Women of Influence to host the 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence™ Awards

Feb 13, 2020 12:13:11 PM | Marketing

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Feb. 13, 2020 — Ricoh Canada Inc. has partnered with Women of Influence to celebrate Canada's most accomplished role models at the 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence Awards Luncheon. This year's key speakers include Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Sally Armstrong (Canadian journalist, author and human rights activist) and Top 25 Award recipient Autumn Peltier, Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner.

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Friday Top 9 for February 7

Feb 7, 2020 2:16:49 PM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

Controversial AI app could 'end privacy'


A powerful new facial recognition app can identify a person's name, phone number and even their address by comparing their photo to a database of billions of images scraped from the internet. While the Clearview app isn't available for public use, it's already being used by more than 600 law enforcement agencies. Could this end privacy as we know it? Learn all the details on CBC

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Friday Top 9 for January 31

Jan 31, 2020 2:20:31 PM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

Do you care about privacy as much as your customers do?

Via Harvard Business Review

Until recently, there has been little compelling reason for companies to embed privacy considerations deeply into their larger business strategies but that's about to change. As end-users become more aware of the risks tied to their personal data, they're more likely to push for stricter security regulations. A recent article from the Harvard Business Review explains why the security landscape is expected to change rapidly and chaotically over the next several years and why now is the time to think long-term. 

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Terms of Service: what are you agreeing to?

Jan 28, 2020 9:26:10 AM | Chris Plauschinn

When striking a deal with a new partner, companies are (or should be) adamant about reviewing all considerations relating to data collection. Why then, as individuals, do we breeze through the “terms and conditions” agreement when signing up for a new product or service?

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Legalweek New York 2020

Jan 27, 2020 9:08:12 AM | Marketing

The legal industry's most-anticipated event is just one week away. Each year, thousands of legal professionals gather in New York City to network with their peers, dive deeper into their professional development and explore topics and strategies tailored specifically to their role. Legalweek is the best place to find the tools you need to get legal business done.

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