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Intelligent Document Review

Expedited Insight to Build Legal Strategy at a Fraction of the Cost.

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What Makes Intelligent Document Review So Smart?
It's Faster. It's Cheaper. It's Better Quality.

Intelligent Document Review from Ricoh eDiscovery is an analytics-driven, systematic approach to document review that provides unprecedented insight, transparency and cost-control over your matter. Our experienced review lawyers and technology experts work directly with your legal team to develop and customize review workflows that provide exceptional value. With solutions designed to deliver key documents sooner, Intelligent Document Review provides a strategic advantage to your legal team.

Are you seeing these results on your document review?

*Results compared to outsourced, traditional review and pricing model

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This guide is your first step toward reducing costs and increasing efficiency on your document review.

By combining the human understanding of an issue, with objective, advanced analytical software, it is possible for even smaller teams to analyze and categorize large collections of electronically stored information in an efficient and cost-effective way.


To find out how Intelligent Document Review can give you unprecedented insight, transparency and control over your matter, contact us today.

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