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Intelligent eDiscovery

Unmatched Expertise and Powerful Technology for Exceptional Results.

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eDiscovery is an Important Business Process

At some point, most organizations will face litigation, an investigation, due diligence requests or other eDiscovery demands. When this happens, you need a trusted partner with deep experience and expertise.

Our full service Intelligent eDiscovery solutions include:

  • Forensic Data Collection a proven, defensible way to collect data
  • Diverse Processing Capabilities based on a variety of tools, allowing for the most effective solution for each case
  • Early Case Assessment and Data Culling for a better handle on your evidence at the earliest stage of the litigation process
  • Professional Services with certified technology expertise and a commitment to helping you control legal spend
  • Robust Portfolio of Industry-Leading Technology with scalable capabilities and secure access
  • Canadian Microsoft® Azure™ Hosted Environment for enhanced security and performance that doesn't leave our borders
  • Intelligent Review Solutions for expedited insight to build your legal strategy
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Interested in Optimizing your eDiscovery Processes?
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Access critical data quickly at a fraction of the cost.

Is your organization challenged to:

  • Review large collections of documents?
  • Handle the complexity of electronic data?
  • Meet strict security standards?
  • Address privacy and confidentiality concerns?
  • Manage tight deadlines?
  • Unlock the intelligence within your data collection?

By combining deep eDiscovery expertise with industry-leading technology, we will work with your legal team to help you comply with legal requests, develop case strategies and expedite key business decisions.

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality-Certified Processes

Ricoh eDiscovery offers ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified eDiscovery solutions with a comprehensive and strategic approach. From data collection and eDiscovery processing to technology-driven review, you can be confident that your solution will be well-designed, seamlessly integrated and supported by our ISO 9001:2015 Certification for quality process.

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