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Unstructured File Analysis

Unprecedented data insight enabling you to cleanse, migrate and manage your data proactively. 

Mitigate the Risks of Unstructured Data

Data is the backbone of an organization. Without the ability to have
deeper insight, containing and protecting your data becomes a
challenge and vulnerability.

File Analysis and Migration Solutions provide the insights needed to analyze and classify unstructured data. This deep data insight delivers the keys to managing your file stores, reducing unneeded volumes.

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At Plains Midstream, our mission is to deliver exceptional results. Being proactive, we wanted to get a clear picture of the data we collect, store and manage and determine its risk. Before starting this project, we had limited insights into our data estate. Active Nav has helped provide corporate visibility which is supporting our data-driven decisions. Gaining visibility into all our content repositories puts us in a better position to classify, store and protect that data. We’ve also created efficiencies between departments as we’re no longer storing data which holds no business value.

- Erin Delorme, Information Management Specialist, Plains Midstream Canada

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File Analysis and Migration Solutions Outcomes:

  • Data inventory mapping 
  • Data cleansing and remediation
  • Effective data migration 
  • Defensible remediation of ROT
  • Unprecedented insight & analysis for remediation or cyber breach response
  • Bring corporate governance and retention policies to life
  • Streamline your approach to mapping, cleaning and deleting data that holds no business value


Uncover Your Data's True Value

Identify which documents have no business value or relevancy - redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) - and enable your organization to segregate and remediate critical data. These solutions are integrated seamlessly into your environment in real-time without disrupting your business operations. 

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Find out how Ricoh's File Analysis and Migration Solutions can help you take control of your unstructured data. 

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