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Friday Top 9 for January 10

Jan 10, 2020 3:23:30 PM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.


Via The Guardian

Following the #MeToo Movement, artificial intelligence programmers are developing bots that can identify digital bullying and sexual harassment. The bots, which are being rolled out at companies around the world, can monitor and flag communications between colleagues that may be deemed unappropriated. Learn all the details of this development in The Guardian's recent article. 

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Friday Top 9 for January 3, 2020

Jan 3, 2020 2:51:35 PM | Marketing

Happy New Year and welcome back! Here are nine great industry news stories from the holiday break you may have missed. 

2020: The Year the Office Finds Its Voice?

Via Computer World

"Computer, pull up my last document and print it, double-sided on legal-sized paper." If you said this out loud right now you'd probably look silly, but that might not be the case for long. According to Computer World, voice-based AI assistants could soon be as common in the workplace as they are on our personal devices. Initially, these technologies are expected to address simple tasks, but this will lay the groundwork for increasingly complex workflows. Experts believe that AI assistants could help boost employee productivity and create a digital experience in the office that mirrors what we're using at home. Get all the details of the story here. 

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Legal Tech's Predictions for eDiscovery in 2020

Jan 3, 2020 12:57:43 PM | Marketing

We're just three days into the New Year and predictions are starting to roll in on what's to come for legal tech in 2020. According to, "From ephemeral messaging to global expansion and beyond, lawyers and technologists believe eDiscovery will show no signs of stagnation in 2020."

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The Best Blogs of 2019

Dec 30, 2019 1:30:00 PM | Marketing

We can hardly believe that we are about to enter a new decade! As we bid farewell to 2019, our team spent some time together reminiscing on our favourite moments from the past year. From announcing our expanded Review Services team to embracing a #BalanceforBetter, it's been yet another memorable year for our team. Here's a look at our top ten blogs from 2019.   

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Friday Top 9: The Biggest Stories of 2019

Dec 20, 2019 11:00:00 AM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from the past year. 

What did Canada Google about in 2019?


Why is Toronto called The 6? Why is Fortnite not working? And, who is Greta Thunberg? These are just a few of the questions that Canadians sought answers to in the past year. CBC has compiled a list of the top-searched Google terms across the country in 2019. From Kawhi Leonard to guacamole recipes, the top-ranking terms might surprise you. 

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Spark (Contract) Joy Through Innovation

Dec 18, 2019 1:49:11 PM | Marketing

Our own Ian Sinclair, Manager of Review Services, was published in the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association's most recent issue of CCCA Magazine. His article, Spark (Contract) Joy Through Innovation, provides an insightful narrative on how he embraces innovation in his role each day. Ian also shares his candid experiences of helping clients overcome their contract challenges using AI-driven contract analysis software since he joined our team last year. 

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How to Collect, Copy and Move Data Without Changing its Metadata

Dec 17, 2019 11:00:18 AM | Michael Truelove

Metadata is data about data. In a Word file, the document contains all of the data: words, put into paragraphs, displayed on pages. But, as we know, behind the scenes Word also keeps metadata about the document including the author’s name and the date it was created, modified and printed.

In today's Tuesday Tip, we'll be showing you how to collect, copy and move data without accidentally changing the hidden (and extremely important) details about the file. While most eDiscovery tools won’t capture unusual metadata, you can create your own custom fields in Word. These additional fields will allow you to keep track of information that may be useful or pertinent for future reference.

Keep reading to learn how to properly manage your files during the data collection process. 

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Friday Top 9 for December 13

Dec 13, 2019 4:27:50 PM | Marketing

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

First-Ever Canadian Law Awards

Via Canadian Lawyer

Nominations are now open for the inaugural Canadian Law Awards. The awards have over 30 categories including Canadian Deal of the Year, Law Department Leader of the Year, Commercial Litigation Team of the Year, Canadian Boutique Law Firm of the Year and Managing Partner of the Year. All nominations will be reviewed by an independent judging panel of leading lawyers and will be accepted until February 4, 2020. Winners will be announced in March. Get all the details here

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5 Reasons Cleaning Your Data Should Be Your Top New Year’s Resolution

Dec 12, 2019 2:27:12 PM | Natasha Doucas

Bad data is typically categorized as erroneous, duplicative, personal or sensitive in nature, but there's more to it than that. Bad data can also be defined as anything that is stored in an outdated or non-functional legacy software, kept for the purposes of record keeping. Whether it’s the nature of its contents or how it’s being stored, most organizations are increasingly faced with managing the complexities of bad data. What’s worse, the practice of retaining dirty data can cost organizations billions of dollars each year if they are in violation of information and data management policies and procedures. 

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7 LinkedIn Groups Legal Tech Professionals Should Join

Dec 10, 2019 10:45:00 AM | Marketing

Staying up to date on emerging solutions, technology updates and relevant industry events, among other priorities, is a necessity that can often feel daunting. Luckily, professional development has come a long way in terms of accessibility and LinkedIn has been a major contributing factor in helping to ease the stress of staying current.

LinkedIn Groups allow users to forge new business relationships with like-minded professionals, discuss relevant issues and learn about what's trending in our industry. You can share content, find answers to pressing questions, make business contacts, and sharpen your skill set.

We've compiled a list of the top six LinkedIn Groups to join if you work in legaltech. 

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