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Event Recap —2022 ARMA Information Conference

Posted by Sonia Ismail |2 minute read

Aug 23, 2022 9:10:53 AM

After a relaxing summer, everyone is getting back to hybrid work and that includes events! Ricoh participated in Canada’s largest regional event, the 2022 ARMA Information Conference in Montreal! The event brought together information management experts from across Canada and around the world to exchange expertise, share knowledge, and network with one another.

ARMA (Association of Record Managers and Administrators) is Canada’s largest information manager conference, serving nearly 5,000 professionals in information management and governance. A growing field of expertise in records and information management accommodates more than 350 attendees and exhibitors at its annual conference.

ARMA Canada unites records managers through events, online communication, and professional development from Canada’s government, private, and non-for-profit sectors. ARMA offers the extensive resources necessary to ensure your success when it comes to protecting the data that makes up an organization’s most significant commodity.

RICOH and ARMA – a winning partnership!

As an ongoing partner of ARMA Canada, Ricoh is committed to providing information and expertise on topics relating to the digital workplace. Last year, we attended the 2019 ARMA event, where we discussed data governance and records management for municipalities and for Indigenous communities in preserving their legacy, culture, and heritage. Data governance has gained more attention since the pandemic beyond the records management community.

This year, Ricoh’s Sean Lynch (Director, Client Strategy) and Tamara Porter (Senior Director, Enterprise Business Development) delivered an educational presentation, “Defensible Information Management and Litigation Preparedness". The session highlighted data organization, legal hold, and cloud versus server-based applications. Key concepts such as collaboration between IT and internal legal, data destruction, retention rules, and the significance of risk assessment in data analysis workflows were also explored.

It was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new ones in the ARMA community! Special thanks to the ARMA Canada organizers for hosting this year’s fantastic event in Montreal.

We hope to see you all at the ARMA Vancouver Conference in Kelowna, BC on October 5-7, 2022!

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