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Michael Morey

Based out of Calgary, Michael has worked at Ricoh eDiscovery for the past ten years. Each day, his role as Discovery Systems Engineer challenges him to stay current on issues, solve any technical problems and help the rest of the team with all things Relativity. A good day for Michael is one where everything is working without a hitch. Michael holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees – one in Engineering and the other in Math.

Michael Morey

Finding Needle(s) in Your Haystack: How to Make the Most of Relativity’s Highlighting Function

Apr 19, 2021 9:02:35 AM | Michael Morey

When searching for a needle in a haystack, having a big red sign that points directly to the needle would go a long way. In eDiscovery (and in particular, Relativity), highlighting has become a supercharged tool that allows reviewers to quickly and easily pick out the most important information that should be marked as ‘potentially relevant’ or ‘privileged’. Take it a step further, and you can even set up your highlighting function to automatically pre-determine terms and keywords in just a few clicks.

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