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Joe Evangelista

From starting at the service desk of a law firm to becoming a Relativity Master, Joe has led an inspiring career in eDiscovery over the past 14 years. Joe studied Computer Science and Technology at Sheridan College and quickly discovered his passion for litigation support while working in the legal field. His role as Senior Discover Engineer combines these two passions. Joe has extensively studied and pursued Relativity’s certification programs over the past few years and believes that these certifications have helped him create innovative solutions to the program each day.

Joe Evangelista

Breaking Down Assumptions About Active Learning

Apr 26, 2021 2:56:20 PM | Joe Evangelista

As a Relativity MasterI spend a lot of time working with customers to find the best solutions for their unique needs. Often, during our discussions, the topic of Active Learning (AL) comes up. But what exactly does ‘using AL’ entail? Over the past few years, I have heard a lot of assumptions about document review technology — particularly, what it can do and cannot do. Today I’m breaking down the top five assumptions about AL.

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