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What Our New RelativityOne Data Migration Partnership Means For You

Posted by Roland von Borstel |3 minute read

Aug 25, 2020 2:45:55 PM

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Last week we announced that Ricoh Canada Inc. has become a RelativityOne Approved Data Migration Partner — a fantastic validation that our team is able to assist any client who is ready to embrace RelativityOne, regardless of the current state of their data.

Today I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to obtain this partnership, the difference working with a RelativityOne certified partner makes and, most importantly, what this means for you and your data.

How We Got Here

One of the main requirements to becoming an approved Relativity Data Migration Partner is to pass a complex scenario test that requires partners to perform data migration of Relativity Server workspaces to RelativityOne. These scenarios are challenging and require strong analysis and troubleshooting to pass.

Our journey started as part of our own infrastructure improvements when we migrated our on-premise Relativity instance to Ricoh's private Microsoft Azure cloud in 2019. This involved managing more than 50 TB of data and over 1,000 workspaces in less than ten weeks, from initial planning to migrating the last case. As a result, we learned a lot on how to efficiently migrate workspaces during this project — not only about the technical workflows required to migrate workspaces from one Relativity instance to another, but also on how to manage this change while working under tight timelines and providing continuous communication. After all, a migration is only as good as it is communicated to the actual users.

We developed a migration management framework and workflows that later allowed us to migrate our entire Relativity instance to RelativityOne in less than six weeks with minimal challenges, which are a part of any large scale technical endeavour. We later identified limitations and opportunities to fine tune workspace migrations via ARM (an application to Archive, Restore and Move Relativity workspaces between Relativity installations) that go far beyond the documentation. In fact, we were able to bring some new-to-Relativity, advanced migration workflows for larger workspaces to the RelOne team who were supporting us in the migration.

Why the RelativityOne Data Migration Partnership Matters

Ricoh Canada is one of only seven service providers worldwide with documented expertise migrating data to RelativityOne. What’s more, we are the only Canadian-based company with this certification. This certification through Relativity recognizes our ability to migrate not just single workspaces but entire Relativity instances successfully and efficiently with minimal impact to end users to RelativityOne.

What our partnership means for you and your data

Ricoh Canada offers an end-to-end Relativity Data Migration services, including:

  • Initial scope assessment and consultation
  • Project management including communication plan
  • User coordination
  • Technical execution
  • RelativityOne instance and case setup

Our experienced team can handle any size of migrations while maintaining a special focus on minimizing the impact to your end users. We fully understand that you cannot afford several days of downtime on active cases which is why we migrate even large cases with 10+ million records and 10+TB data in less than a day.


Ricoh’s unique combination of Relativity Data Migration and Case Management services enables us to establish a deep understanding of our clients needs to deliver an exceptional transition experience. To learn more about RelativityOne by Ricoh, get in touch with us today

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