Tuesday's Tip: Document Discovery Across Canada

Posted by Jamie Chan

Feb 19, 2019 3:00:00 PM

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Tuesday's Tip #6 - Document Discovery Across Canada:

A major component of eDiscovery is the exchange of documents between parties. Often times we are working within in our own jurisdictions, however there are certain cases where you may be dealing with a case in another province. Just like the rules which vary across provinces and territories, so too does the terminology that lists the documents you’ll be disclosing.

Below we've compiled a handy guide you can refer to when you’re dealing with lists of documents across the country. 



British Columbia 

List of Documents  


Affidavit of Records 


Affidavit of Documents  


Affidavit of Documents 


Affidavit of Documents 


Affidavit (Divulgation de la preuve électronique)


List of Documents 

Nova Scotia 

Affidavit Disclosing Documents 

Prince Edward Island 

Affidavit of Documents 

New Brunswick 

Affidavit of Documents 

Yukon Territories 

Affidavit of Documents 

Northwest Territories 

Statement as to Documents 


Statement as to Documents 

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