Friday Top Nine for September 21, 2018

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Sep 21, 2018 7:56:32 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: It’s Hard to Sue a Robot, The Secret To A Great Legal Mind, How Will Artificial Intelligence Change The Legal System?, and more...


  1. It’s Time to Adopt AI in Your Security Operations Center

    "Security analysts: We know you’re overworked, understaffed and overwhelmed, and we understand that it’s not your fault. It’s not humanly possible for you to keep up with the ever-expanding threat landscape, especially given how busy you are with the day-to-day tasks of running your security operations center (SOC). We want you to know you’re not alone."  (via

  2. To Become a Cybersecurity Leader, Canada Must Invest in the Next Generation of Workers

    "As technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, redefining the way we live and work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine functioning without it. Unfortunately, that reliance on technology to keep us connected has also made us more vulnerable to cyberattacks and threats that undermine the ability to keep our data safe. Our future online safety depends on investing in a work force that understands how to protect us online."  (via

  3. 5 Secrets to Introducing Lasting Change in Legal Tech

    "Organizational change starts with individual change. So whether you’re pushing through a new legal operations process or transitioning to new technology, a smart project plan includes adoption of the “new way” in its definition of success and dedicates resources for change management—the people side of change." (via

  4. It’s Hard to Sue a Robot: Product Liability Considerations and AI in Canada

    "To date, critics evaluating the legal impact of AI have largely focused on concerns related to the protection of individual privacy, security issues and, of course, ethics and bias. Other areas of legal concern associated with AI usage have received less airplay, including product liability."  (via

  5. The Secret To A Great Legal Mind

    "Notes to my (legal) self."  (via

  6. Is Law Catching Up Fast Enough with IoT Integration in the Home?

    "It’s not just the fact that the IoT setup at home is a soft target for any hacker that happens to target a certain household, but the potential leakage of information is something consumers should always be aware of" (via

  7. Why Are So Many In-House Professionals Joining AI Contract Startups?

    "They helped transform the legal departments at Microsoft, Google and Hewlett-Packard. But now they’re looking to make a bigger impact on corporate law by joining legal tech disruptors." (via

  8. Innovation Should Be a Top Priority for Boards. So Why Isn’t It?

    "We found that, overall, innovation does not rank as a top strategic challenge for the majority of boards. Although directors in certain industries are more aware of the threat of disruption, the widespread lack of board-level engagement in innovation processes could be a major blind spot and a potential liability. (via

  9. How Will Artificial Intelligence Change The Legal System?

    "The legal industry over the past decade has amassed a graveyard of failed attempts to innovate and few large exits. It’s also true that legal arguments can be highly case-specific and not necessarily conducive to automation. But asking whether individual lawyers can be entirely replaced by machines isn’t asking the right question. Rather, can one lawyer, augmented by machines, perform the same work that five lawyers used to do?"  (via

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