Friday Top Nine for October 19, 2018

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Oct 19, 2018 7:12:47 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Seven Signs Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated, Mobile Apps for Lawyers, DoNotPay: Launches ‘Sue Anyone For Free’, and more...


  1. Seven Signs Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated

    "There’s never a dull moment in a law firm. Everyone is busy, and a lot of the work they need to do revolves around the technology they have. Outdated technology can hold your law firm back. You can’t guarantee top of the line security for your clients’ personal information. It takes longer to access the things you need on a computer running at a fraction of its maximum speed. Is your technology outdated?"  (via

  2. Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Opens, to be Focus for Federal Safety Efforts

    "Among the centre’s mandates is to provide Canadian citizens and businesses with a one-stop place to turn to for cyber security information, both online and in person. It will also be a place where the private sector can come for advice and to test products they want to sell to Ottawa as well as commercially."  (via

  3. Mobile Apps for Lawyers

    "11 must-have apps for lawyers" (via

  4. DoNotPay: Launches ‘Sue Anyone For Free’

    "As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets grow in popularity and value, they continue to test the limits of existing laws. One of the emerging—and increasingly urgent—questions that courts continue to face is how to effectively freeze cryptocurrencies so that defendants in litigation cannot move or dispose of disputed cryptocurrency or other digital assets."  (via

  5. How a 'Right to be Forgotten' Could Trigger a Battle Over Free Speech in Canada

    "Privacy commissioner pushing for European-style protections to allow removal of online search results" (via

  6. More Than 1 in 5 Businesses Hit by Cyberattacks Last Year

    "The most common suspected motive was an attempt to steal money or demand a ransom payment, according to the survey. Theft of personal or financial information was less typical – less than one-quarter of the cyberattacks – though it was the most cited reason for investing in cybersecurity, StatCan said."  (via

  7. Native Review and the Modern Data Set

    "Discovery has evolved in the last few decades—no one would contest that. And it’s evolving still. Data sets are a microcosm of this change: they’re not just emails anymore. From short messages to videos, there’s way more than enough to review in today’s average e-discovery data set." (via

  8. DoNotPay is Set to Unleash Bots in Civil Cases, Small Claims Court

    "DoNotPay is hoping to leverage bots to help expand access to justice efforts. But while some civil cases may be possible to automate, there is a limit to what these bots can do.(via

  9. Singapore: What Happens When A Nation State Endorses Legal Innovation?

    "Imagine if an entire nation were to fashion a plan for innovation, earmarking the legal industry as a key element of its integrated, multidisciplinary plan? That’s precisely what’s happening in Singapore. The Singapore Government has targeted law as part of a wider initiative to drive innovation and to position the tiny nation state as a regional and global legal hub."  (via

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