Friday Top Nine for March 15, 2019

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Mar 15, 2019 8:16:17 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Microsoft Launches Free Online Classes to Teach AI to Executives, How Tech Companies Can Recruit and Retain More Women, 8 Key Roles of Successful AI Projects, and more...


  1. Why Legal Operations Matters and How to Optimize Its Impact

    "Legal operations managers optimize the larger legal supply chain matching up a portfolio of supply to the company’s portfolio of legal needs to meet strategic business objectives.(via

  2. Five Tips for Cybersecurity Peace of Mind

    "Hackers target law firms, attorneys, and their clients for the private information and secrets they keep. The volume and intensity of cyber attacks and breaches affecting law firms and lawyers are at unprecedented levels and getting worse. Many professionals have become comfortably numb to the news and the reality of what comes next.(via

  3. Making Innovation an Art in the Modern Law Firm

    "What does it mean to be innovative today? The term is most often used to describe organizations pushing the envelope with technology to drive efficiency throughout their business.We hear the word innovation a lot—so often it begs the question: If everything is innovative, is anything innovative?"  (via

  4. Microsoft Launches Free Online Classes to Teach AI to Executives

    "Microsoft Corp. has launched a new series of online courses for executives to learn about AI, as it tries to help businesses catch up to the trend of AI in business." (via

  5. How Tech Companies Can Recruit and Retain More Women

    "Recruiting women to work at tech companies is just half the battle—retaining women is also an issue many tech companies face. According to a report by Indeed, women leave the tech field at a 45% higher rate than men..."  (via

  6. AI Pioneer, Legal Robot, Bags $100k For Journalism Research Tool

    "One of the earlier legal AI pioneers, Legal Robot – which has mostly had a focus on corporates and is based in California – has been awarded $100,000 to ‘create a free research tool that journalists and the public can use to find and analyse government contracts, so that they may better understand how public entities use the people’s resources’." (via

  7. Small Firms, Small Bars, And Tech Training

    "From speaking to some of the lawyers afterwards, it was clear to me that, in imploring them of the need to become technologically competent, I might as well have been telling them that they need to become fluent in Russian. One lawyer I spoke to swore he would retire from law practice before having to learn technology."  (via

  8. DocuSign Opens Canadian HQ in Toronto

    "Electronic signature software vendor DocuSign Inc. opened a regional headquarters in Toronto on March 14, part of the firm’s ‘Invest for Canada’ initiative." (via

  9. 8 Key Roles of Successful AI Projects

    "As enterprises further develop artificial intelligence projects, they are finding that some roles are essential to success. But the right talent can be hard to find." (via

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