Friday Top Nine for July 27, 2018

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Jul 27, 2018 6:16:56 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Summer 2018 Legal Tech Reading List, Toronto Beats Silicon Valley In Tech Job Creation, 7 Tips for Safer Online Passwords You'll Actually Remember, and more...


  1. Summer 2018 Legal Tech Reading List

    "Summer is in full swing and what better time than any to catch up on some much overdue reading. This month our panel shares with us their preferences when it comes to Summer legal tech reading."  (via

  2. Biglaw Firm Designs New Office Around The Reality Of Telecommuting

    "In a world where partners — and even associates — increasingly take advantage of technology allowing them to work remotely, a law firm office has to become an affirmative draw for attorneys. A reason to come in and engage in the face-to-face interaction that facilitates sound mentoring."  (via

  3. Facebook Says EU Privacy Law Caused User Drop. Europe Disagrees.

    "Amid a plummeting share price, Facebook Inc. wants panicked investorsto believe Europe’s strict General Data Protection Regulation is to blame for fewer people using the social network in the region. EU lawmakers disagree." (via

  4. Law Firm Innovation, Legal Technology and Measuring Success

    "It is no secret that the legal space has formed a reputation for being archaic and inherently resistant to change. However, increasing external pressures are forcing firms to bridge the gap between the profession and the use of technology. There is an expectation in the market that lawyers are utilising technology to provide a higher quality service."  (via

  5. Toronto Beats Silicon Valley In Tech Job Creation

    "Toronto has added the most technology jobs in the past five years and has the fourth best technology talent market in Canada and the U.S., according to a new report."  (via

  6. Managing Enterprise Security Risk on Vacation

    "Connecting to an organization’s software while on vacation is different from doing so on a business trip. Employees’ mindsets are different; they’re not supposed to be working, but they’re bound to check their email or access that document that just needs a little more attention. In this increasingly digital world, it’s getting tougher for us to disconnect no matter where we are or what we’re doing. This predicament represents a huge security risk for the enterprise."  (via

  7. Digital! Enabling Us or Influencing Us: How Human Are Our Influencers?

    "Today, over 65% of users use voice-based searches, which means greater use of products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. So to speak, we are shifting from merely “typing our queries” to a more conversational format, with the difference that we are conversing with technological devices and not with each other.(via

  8. 7 Tips for Safer Online Passwords You'll Actually Remember

    "While it’s vitally important to have safe and secure passwords, it can also be incredibly frustrating to remember a different password for every single online account you may have. Here are our seven tips for protecting your information while remembering your passwords." (via

  9. Lessons Learned from a CSO's First 100 Days

    "I recently finished my first 100 days as chief security officer (CSO) of Relativity. I’ve learned a lot. And while every new CSO faces unique challenges, with the benefit of hindsight (and a little time to breathe), I’ve worked with my team to come up with some recommendations to help new CSOs navigate their first few months." (via

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