Friday Top Nine for July 13, 2018

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Jul 13, 2018 5:48:38 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Embracing the Possibilities of Technology, The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, 14 Incredible Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Everyone Should Know About, and more...


  1. Your Future Employers Will Require an Enhanced Set of Skills

    "The job market is going to be changing and as such so do the skills required to work alongside technology, adding the necessary value. With the computers doing more of the tech related work themselves there will be more of an emphasis on softer skills such as communication, empathy, problem solving and collaboration."  (via

  2. Embracing the Possibilities of Technology

    "Whether it’s the day-to-day running of, and demands of the business, or looking forward to the impact of blockchain or artificial intelligence, in-house lawyers are feeling the pressure of figuring out what it all means to them, their teams and the business units they serve."  (via

  3. The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies

    "We found that collaboration tools have evolved to meet the needs of the people who use them, taking advantage of new and better technologies that make working together easier than ever. And we tried some new tools that just didn’t work for us, even though they might be great for you." (via

  4. What Makes Good Legal AI? Ethical Efficiency and Accuracy

    "Legal AI, like the other major tech advancements in the legal industry, is quickly becoming an inevitability, not a trend. This means adoption of legal AI technology becomes an ethical decision. If you don’t adopt and implement AI in your practice, are you providing the best possible service, efficiency, and effectiveness to your clients?"  (via

  5. Tech Won’t Turn the World Upside Down Overnight — But Lawyers Need to Embrace the Gradual Change

    "Firms have long been using online document review, where lawyers can tag important information electronically. Now, eyes have turned to more efficient systems which, utilising artificial intelligence (AI), can be 'trained' to recognise content to a level of accuracy equal to, or better than, humans."  (via

  6. Top Irish Firm McCann FitzGerald Taps Neota Logic For Compliance Bot

    "The move follows an increasing interest among major law firms in using automated Q&A systems to engage with clients, provide them with useful information and guidance on a legal issue, and to also help drive up demand for more complex legal advice."  (via

  7. Council of the EU Presidency Publishes Latest ePrivacy Proposal

    "The latest revisions to a European Union plan to safeguard privacy and confidentiality in electronic communication would update a provision on metadata processing and delete one on browser privacy settings.(via

  8. 5 Best Practices for Successful Law Firm Digital Transformation

    "If you’re looking to do digital transformation right, take these cues from successful digital transformation initiatives in other industries and the law firms who have done it successfully." (via

  9. 14 Incredible Artificial Intelligence Pioneers Everyone Should Know About

    "Every year, the World Economic Forum reports on technology pioneers from around the world. As you might expect, this year, many companies use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning at the core of their business to deliver innovative products and service offerings. Anyone interested in AI should know about these 14 pioneering businesses." (via

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