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Friday Top Nine for January 26, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Jan 26, 2018 5:59:09 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Peering Behind the Corporate Veil: What Might 2018 Bring?, 5 Tactics to Improve Your Security This Year, Computer Says No: New Jersey is Using an Algorithm to Make Bail Recommendations,  and more...


  1. Peering Behind the Corporate Veil: What Might 2018 Bring?

    "I expect that 2018 will see a convergence of trends that have been developing over the past several years and that these trends will lead to both spectacular failures and innovative solutions. Failures will, of course, lead to “bad press” driven by the pervasiveness of electronic media. Innovative solutions, on the other hand, may not be publicized per se but will lead to enhanced corporate reputations and customer confidence."  (via

  2. How AI is Enabling Law Firms to Adapt to Value-Based Pricing

    "...a recent significant power shift in the relationship between law firms and their clients has prompted lawyers to re-evaluate this overly cautious approach. Clients are demanding answers that the current systems in place are not capable of providing.(via

  3. 2017: The Year of Women in Legal Tech

    "As 2017 comes to a close, I took time to think back over the major trends and developments in legal technology over the past 12 months. I figured I write about such notable trends as artificial intelligence, bots and blockchain. But as I was thinking about the year, something else stood out – the prominence of women in legal tech." (via

  4. Making It Right After a Data Breach and ID Theft

    "When a corporation has a data breach, legal is more frequently becoming the “quarterback” of response efforts for response plan, laws, and communication."  (via

  5. ‘Judgment, Creativity, Relationships’: The Edge Keeping Robo-Lawyers at Bay

    "With all the tech-talk set to continue over 2018, two professionals have revealed what will continue to set lawyers apart from the threat of their robot competitors."  (via

  6. Data Privacy Day 2018: ‘We’re Entering an Era of Flux and Uncertainty’

    "There is no rest for those charged with ensuring personal data held by organizations remains safe. So while Data Privacy Day falls this year on Sunday – it’s always observed on January 28th – we can expect privacy officers will spend it like any other day: Thinking about the state of protection of the data in their care."  (via

  7. 5 Tactics to Improve Your Security This Year

    "There are few modern catastrophes more frightening to today’s corporation than a data breach. When critical data is compromised, everyone suffers: employees, customers, CEOs, and legal teams must all face the consequences.Fortunately, even as would-be hackers with ill intent get smarter, technology is getting smarter, too. There are ways for every organization to protect themselves against threats, cyber and otherwise." (via

  8. Computer Says No: New Jersey is Using an Algorithm to Make Bail Recommendations

    "The PSA algorithm is designed to predict whether or not a person is likely to present a risk if they are released pre-trial. It was based on analysis of a dataset of 1.5 million cases around the U.S., and takes into account nine different factors about defendants.(via

  9. How AI Could Help the Public Sector

    "Applications of artificial intelligence to the public sector are broad and growing, with early experiments taking place around the world. In addition to education, public servants are using AI to help them make welfare payments and immigration decisions, detect fraud, plan new infrastructure projects, answer citizen queries, adjudicate bail hearings, triage health care cases, and establish drone paths.  The decisions we are making now will shape the impact of artificial intelligence on these and other government functions. Which tasks will be handed over to machines? And how should governments spend the labor time saved by artificial intelligence?(via

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