Friday Top Nine for January 12, 2018

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Jan 12, 2018 5:53:39 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Communication Important for Good eDiscovery, Data Breaches Know No Bounds, Are smart speakers spying on you? and more...


  1. Communication Important for Good eDiscovery

    "Artificial intelligence? Big Data? Technologists and legal practitioners both may benefit from some added specificity around some of these buzzwords." (via

  2. Data Breaches Know No Bounds

    "Do your clients have a plan that identifies and addresses cross-border cyber-risks in their businesses? If not, are they OK with being excluded from certain markets due to the cyber-risk they pose?"  (via

  3. My, How Practice Has Changed

    "Who could have foreshadowed the impact mobile devices would have on business? Work-life balance was an entirely different concept back then; lawyers may have worked long hours, but in those days the office was for work and home was for family and leisure. " (via

  4. Blockchain Makes New Waves as Law Firms Build Expertise

    "Today, blockchain is best known as the network that enables buying and selling of bitcoin. But it’s also beginning to enter the tech and business mainstream, with leading companies investing in its potential and Big Law also starting to take a stake of its own." (via

  5. Four Tricky Legal Situations Technology is Making Easier

    "The legal sector can be very complex. Besides the challenges associated with the varied nature of the cases themselves, law professionals have had to stay updated with the changing times, paying attention to precedents set by court rulings related to technologies such as social media."  (via

  6. 2017: The Year in Data Discovery Case Law

    "Whether it’s high-profile litigants such as Taylor Swift or an e-discovery sanctions case making it to the US Supreme Court, data discovery has made it to legal prime time."  (via

  7. Ready for Robot Lawyers? How Students Can Prepare for the Future of Law

    "From algorithms and artificial intelligence to smart contracts, technology will transform the legal profession. Here’s what it could mean for law students"  (via

  8. Are smart speakers spying on you?

    "The act of communicating verbally with a digital assistant changes how people interact with technology, and that can leave open back doors for hackers to exploit." (via

  9. In 2018, Will Canada Finally Lay Out its Cyber Foreign Policy?

    "Eight years after publishing its first cyber strategy, Canada has yet to develop a more comprehensive policy for guiding its cyber-related activities abroad. Paul Meyer looks to a recently released strategy in Australia for inspiration." (via

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