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Friday Top Nine for February 23, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Feb 23, 2018 4:00:22 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: eDiscovery in the Year 2048: Toronto Lawyer Serves Claim with Instagram, Sports Synchronized Drones and eDiscovery, Blockchain, Crytocurrency and your Law Practice, and more...


  1. Toronto Lawyer Serves Claim with Instagram

    "When Toronto lawyer Tara Vasdani could not track down a defendant she was looking to serve, she turned to Instagram." (via

  2. Thinking Of Changing Your Firm’s Tech Setup? Don’t Panic!

    "Overhauling your firm’s tech setup can be daunting. It gets even scarier if you’re transitioning from PCs to Macs or ditching desktops for laptops. Some technological upgrades are vital to maintain a modern law practice (a message for anyone who hasn’t gone to the Cloud yet) but others can be more hassle than they’re worth.(via

  3. Best Practices: Avoiding a Spam or Phishing Attack

    "The number of spam and phishing attacks are on the rise, and your best defense is awareness. Here are a few of the most common phishing attacks we're seeing, and best practices to avoid getting caught—hook, line and sinker." (via

  4. Protect the Client, Protect the Firm: How Cybersecurity Risk Affects the Bottom Line

    "Law firms and attorneys know that the likelihood of a cyber-attack is high and acknowledge that the industry is under siege from cybercriminals. Nothing affects a law firm’s bottom line more than lost billable hours, but there are also the financial and reputational implications that can result from a breach. Yet, as firms continue to focus on defending their clients in the courtroom, protecting client data often takes a back seat."(via

  5. Sports, Synchronized Drones, and eDiscovery

    "We're not just seeing growth in athletic ability or global inclusion: some record-breaking technology is also making waves. 2018 is slated to be a huge year for legal technology, and even more, rapid international expansion." (via

  6. GDPR is Not Just a Regulatory Framework. It’s Also a Moral and Existential Blueprint

    "The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is a genuine renaissance for data protection – and not just for EU, but for all humanity." (via

  7. Ottawa is 'Blurring’ Lines on Privacy as it Looks for New Ways to Collect Data

    "Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien suggests the 35-year old Privacy Act may be too “permissive” in how the federal government can collect and use Canadians’ personal information." (via

  8. Federal Budget to Spend up to $1 Billion on Cybersecurity

    "Next week's federal budget is expected to make a significant investment in building up Canada's cyber defences and encouraging tech firms and talented programmers to work with the federal government, CBC News has learned." (via

  9. Blockchain, Crytocurrency and your Law Practice

    "After having practiced in the area for some time, having advised on investment structuring of cryptocurrencies, been actively involved in initial coin offerings and setting up crypto mining operations, I can tell you with great certainty that the technology upon which Bitcoin is based, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology, is not going anywhere." (via

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