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Friday Top Nine for February 2, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Feb 2, 2018 4:00:00 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: What’s in Store for 2018 and Beyond?, What I'm Learning About AI and the Law From #Legalweek18, Why AI Could Never Substitute A Lawyer,  and more...


  1. What’s in Store for 2018 and Beyond?

    "The year 2017 was an impressive and banner year for legal tech. Discussions regarding the role of artificial intelligence and legal tech have increasingly become commonplace in legal conferences across Canada and the world. At the same time, we were witness to Saudi Arabia granting citizenship to a robot called Sophia — a robot that is able to learn and communicate at almost human levels. Will such robots one day complete law school and get called to the bar?"  (via

  2. What I'm Learning About AI and the Law From #Legalweek18

    "It's the defining buzzword of this year's conference, but the legal profession is still parsing what it means and how it will affect what lawyers do. Here are three takeaways." (via

  3. The Pitch: The ideas come easy. Now try selling them

    "You have a great business idea for the legal market?  But you aren’t sure it’ll fly. Well, there's a pitching competition for that." (via

  4. Why AI Could Never Substitute A Lawyer

    "Some predictions say that 30% of jobs that exist today won’t be requiring human help by 2030, while others say that there will be other jobs for humans to perform. Most administrative jobs simply won’t require human interference, as computers can do a better and a faster job at a cheaper price.In this article, we’ll cover some predictions that lawyers will be completely replaced by AI—and why we think that they won’t."(via

  5. 2017 Litigation Trends Survey: Plateauing Disputes, Escalating Cyber Concerns

    "Introduced in 2004, the Trends Survey is always chock full of useful insights paired with actual (and statistically significant) data that practitioners value. It’s a tool you could truly use to plan, particularly if you found a nexus between general litigation trends and e-discovery.(via

  6. Data Deletion Policy Key to Reducing Breach Risks, Canadian Privacy Pros Told

    "There is a lot of technology for sale to help CISOs and privacy officers mitigate the risk of data breach. But one of the easiest and cheapest is the Delete key. In other words, keep only the data the organization needs."  (via

  7. From anthropology to AI: Meet the U of T Expert Guiding the Software Companies of Tomorrow

    "Helen Kontozopoulos may not be an artificial intelligence researcher, but she knows more than most about the technology – not to mention what it takes to put it to practical use." (via

  8. RBC Funds New Cybersecurity Lab at University of Waterloo

    "Increasing online attacks on financial institutions, including banks, is the main reason the Royal Bank of Canada is funding a new cybersecurity lab and research at the University of Waterloo.(via

  9. Wildeboer Dellelce First Canadian Law Firm to Accept Cryptocurrencies For Legal Bills

    "Given the way it operates and given the way that it pushes into new opportunities, there is no surprise that Wildeboer Dellelce LLP has embraced what is understood to be another breakthrough: it’s set to become the first Canadian law firm to accept digital currency (initially Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin) towards payment of its legal fees.(via

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