Friday Top Nine for February 15, 2019

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Feb 15, 2019 7:19:08 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Netflix Records all of Your Bandersnatch Choices, GDPR Request Reveals, If Your Flight is Delayed These AI Lawyers and Bots Can Help You Get Compensated, IT Makeover: From Cost Center to Revenue Driver, and more...


  1. Netflix Records all of Your Bandersnatch Choices, GDPR Request Reveals

    "Netflix keeps a record all of your Bandersnatch choice data from its Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure film, a technology policy researcher has discovered. The researcher, Michael Veale, obtained his viewing data after emailing Netflix to request it under GDPR’s right of access rules". (via

  2. Cyber Security Predictions 2019: Watch for These Four Important Canadian Privacy Reports

    "The safest prediction for 2019: More of the same, because companies still haven’t learned how to close vulnerabilities, encrypt and segregate data, oversee adequate staff training and plan for disaster recovery".  (via

  3. If Your Flight is Delayed, These AI Lawyers and Bots Can Help You Get Compensated

    "AirHelp has a group of virtual lawyers and AI bots helping out in the fight for flight compensation, including its first AI lawyer, Herman, who reviews travel claims that enter the legal stage, and Lara, who can process more complex cases".  (via

  4. Prioritizing Cybersecurity to Protect Client Information from Data Breaches

    "Under these Formal Opinions, lawyers must not only safeguard client data, but they must now also notify a client if a data breach exposes their confidential information". (via

  5. Cyber Security Expert Briefs Parties on Protecting Themselves During Election Campaign

    "One of Canada's top cyber security experts says he's been quietly giving the main political parties threat briefings in the lead-up to the upcoming federal election".  (via

  6. Not Using Active Learning? You're Falling Behind

    "Let’s cut to the chase: If there’s technology available to cut review time and prioritize the voluminous data in your projects automatically—with plenty of judicial approval—why wouldn’t you use it?" (via

  7. Supreme Court of Canada Privacy Ruling in Criminal Case May Impact Private Sector

    "The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision Thursday defined the boundaries of privacy in criminal law, but an expert says the ruling should be heeded by businesses and data privacy officers as well".  (via

  8. IT Makeover: From Cost Center to Revenue Driver

    "f your company views IT as a function to be managed cost-effectively, it may be time to get innovative and elevate the perception and role of IT — to the benefit of your company and career". (via

  9. Future Law School. What Does It Look Like?

    "Even reputable universities in the world are now actively seeking innovative solutions and people who are able to provide them with a qualitative push in the direction of improving the efficiency of educational services".  (via

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