Friday Top Nine for December 7, 2018

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Dec 7, 2018 6:26:43 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Why Companies That Wait to Adopt AI May Never Catch Up, 5G: The Backbone of an Economic Future Where Data is the New Oil, AI and Cybersecurity, Linklaters Launches ‘Global Women in Tech’ Group in Diversity Drive...


  1. Why 'GC' Should Mean 'Great Communicator'

    "Many GCs already have begun to play a larger role in corporate communications, as they address all aspects of risk management today. Tangential or episodic involvement, however, is not enough.(via

  2. Linklaters Launches ‘Global Women in Tech’ Group in Diversity Drive

    "The Women in Tech working group aims to identify priorities and empower people to tackle the issue of gender imbalance. This involves auditing functions such as recruitment processes and ensuring language in tech job descriptions is attractive to both men and women. (via

  3. Microsoft Announces Plans to Nearly Phase Out Billable Hour

    "Microsoft has quietly unveiled new parameters for its outside counsel, and, in an effort to step away from the billable hour, announced it hopes to shift 90 percent of its legal work into alternative fee arrangements within two years."  (via

  4. A Look At The Absolutely Insane Biglaw Partner Pay Gap

    "According to the fifth biennial Partner Compensation Survey by Major, Lindsey & Africa and Acritas, on average male partners make $959,000 in compensation compared to the average $627,000 for female partners — that’s a difference of 53 percent." (via

  5. 10 Machine Learning Success Stories: An Inside Look

    "IT leaders share how they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate business insights and new services."  (via

  6. Cyber Crooks Increasingly Targeting Home Devices

    "In its threat assessment for 2018, the newly created Canadian Centre for Cyber Security says devices connected to the internet — such as a growing number of 'televisions, home appliances, thermostats and cars' — have become attractive targets." (via

  7. Prime Minister Announces $230 Million for SCALE.AI Supercluster

    "Our government launched an ambitious strategy to keep this sector competitive in the long-term, and support Canada’s innovators. Together, we can build an innovation economy – one that benefits everyone and provides new opportunities for the middle class to succeed"  (via

  8. 5G: The Backbone of an Economic Future Where Data is the New Oil

    "As technology permeates more and more of our daily lives, even sectors like oil & gas are affected – with big data and analytics increasingly driving decision-making. While many factors will influence this shift, a big portion of the economic fuel that will revamp our economy comes from a new network of information pipelines: 5G." (via

  9. Why Companies That Wait to Adopt AI May Never Catch Up

    "While some companies — most large banks, Ford and GM, Pfizer, and virtually all tech firms — are aggressively adopting artificial intelligence, many are not. Instead they are waiting for the technology to mature and for expertise in AI to become more widely available. They are planning to be 'fast followers' — a strategy that has worked with most information technologies."  (via

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