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Friday Top Nine for April 6, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Apr 6, 2018 6:01:04 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg On Data Privacy Fail: 'We Were Way Too Idealistic', Lawyers Have an Ethical Duty to Safeguard Confidential Information in the Cloud, The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, Explained, and more...


  1. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg On Data Privacy Fail: 'We Were Way Too Idealistic'

    "We really believed in social experiences. We really believed in protecting privacy. But we were way too idealistic. We did not think enough about the abuse cases"  (via

  2. Why Law Firms Should Be Vigilant About Cyber Crime

    "As corporations respond to breaches, there’s no doubt a law firm is helping them pick up the pieces. But how well are law firms looking out for themselves? " (via

  3. Lawyers Have an Ethical Duty to Safeguard Confidential Information in the Cloud

    "With a funeral home in ashes and an insurance company refusing to pay benefits, the last thing you’d expect to hear about is online security and the cloud. But that’s exactly what happened in 2014...(via

  4. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, Explained

    "Everything you need to know about GDPR, Europe's new data privacy law."  (via

  5. Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It?

    "Amazon and Google, the leading sellers of such devices, say the assistants record and process audio only after users trigger them by pushing a button or uttering a phrase like “Hey, Alexa” or “O.K., Google.” But each company has filed patent applications, many of them still under consideration, that outline an array of possibilities for how devices like these could monitor more of what users say and do."  (via

  6. Right to be Forgotten and Online Information Removal Under Debate

    "The privacy commissioner of Canada says he supports the idea that Canadians could pursue the removal of online information about themselves in some circumstances, even though some lawyers have pointed out hurdles may exist in Canadian law."  (via

  7. Meaningful Data In, Fewer Associates Out

    "Data allows firms to identify the “success factors” that are unique to them and to leverage those factors to recruit the candidates who are most likely to thrive as a part of their firm’s distinctive culture—and ultimately, to remain once they’re there." (via

  8. Look Out, Big Law: Global Companies May Favor Smaller Firms in the Future

    "According to new data, the need to save money and get local expertise may soon push legal departments into the arms of small- and medium-sized firms." (via

  9. 6 Quick Tips to Help You Focus and Maximize Time

    "From the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow about 18 hours later, it can feel as if your day is a blur of hearings and meetings – all underscored by the relentless pressure of an accumulating workload. As you continuously drive yourself to move forward, too often it can feel like you’re getting nowhere." (via

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