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Friday Top Nine for April 20, 2018

Posted by Marketing

Apr 20, 2018 4:18:08 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Brave New World of (Robot) Law, 7 Binge-Worthy Documentaries for Every e-Discovery Fanatic, How to Save Your Privacy From the Internet’s Clutches, and more...


  1. How Europe's 'Breakthrough' Privacy Law Takes on Facebook and Google

    "Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation is forcing big changes at tech’s biggest firms – even if the US isn’t likely to follow suit"  (via

  2. The Small-Firm Advantage

    "Lawyers at smaller firms are often better able to innovate than they think. " (via

  3. Cryptocurrency Regulations are Taking Shape

    "Despite significant recent media coverage, questions remain regarding how regulators will treat cryptocurrencies. In light of these questions, it’s critical for business leaders and investors to understand how U.S. regulators are approaching the rapid proliferation of cryptocurrencies." (via

  4. 6 Steps to Stop Networking and Start Relationship-Building

    "It’s easy to dread networking events. That’s probably because networking doesn’t come naturally to most people and especially lawyers, considering about 60% are introverts.(via

  5. Brave New World of (Robot) Law

    "If your robot hurts someone, are you liable? Legally speaking, is a robot like a pet? An employee? Should robots have rights? In a new report, the U.S. Chamber Commerce contemplates not-so-distant questions about robot law."  (via

  6. 7 Binge-Worthy Documentaries for Every e-Discovery Fanatic

    "I’ve stumbled upon a few documentaries emphasizing the two things that drive the e-discovery community: justice and technology. So, if you’ve been searching for weekend plans, look no further. Find your favorite spot on the couch, order some takeout, and cozy up with these seven documentaries."  (via

  7. Google Occupies an Odd Role in Enforcing Privacy Laws

    "Google lost a landmark, “right to be forgotten” case at the end of last week, with the High Court in London ruling that it had to delist from its search results articles relating to a businessman’s past crimes. But the ruling does not put Google in a bad light, as such. Rather, it highlights that the company, in recent years, has occupied a weird role in the European Union, as a privatized enforcer of EU privacy law—and that sometimes it makes the wrong call." (via

  8. How to Save Your Privacy From the Internet’s Clutches

    "The problem, as ever with the tech industry’s teeny-weeny greyscaled legalise, is that the people it refers to as “users” aren’t genuinely consenting to having their information sucked into the cloud for goodness knows what. Because they haven’t been given a clear picture of what agreeing to share their data will really mean." (via

  9. A Simple Tool to Start Making Decisions with the Help of AI

    "There is no shortage of hot takes regarding the significant impact that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to have on business in the near future. Much less has been written about how, exactly, companies should get started with it. In our research and in our book, we begin by distilling AI down to its very simplest economics, and we offer one approach to taking that first step." (via

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