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Ricoh N.A.'s President & CEO Debunks Digital Transformation Myths in Forbes Article

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Jul 20, 2021 3:00:05 PM

Digital Transformation

In a recently published Forbes Business Council article, Ricoh North America's President and CEO, Carsten Bruhn, explores the term digital transformation and how it means different things to different people and how the lack of clarity can cause frustration. Carsten breaks down the myths surrounding digital transformation and how it's so much more than just a technology buzzword.

Approaching digital transformation requires more than technology. It requires an understanding of people’s needs and desired experiences."

Written by Carsten Bruhn for

Pre-pandemic, digital transformation was often discussed as a large overhaul of an enterprise operation. Some felt the term was so overused that it started to cause confusion[1]. The digital transformation acceleration we saw throughout the pandemic was swift and perhaps even caused some business leaders, and their customers, to struggle answering the question, “What actually is digital transformation?” 


I define digital transformation as a journey involving digital service(s) and people (expertise) to help solve a current or anticipated challenge. To achieve a true transformation, you must incorporate both aspects — technology and people. You must understand why having both is crucial: because it impacts experiences the full article on

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