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Law, Technology and the Human Element at #TIPTO17

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Dec 5, 2017 2:19:05 PM

Chris Dale, founder of the e-Disclosure Information Project, joined us at Technology in Practice 2017 as a speaker and panelist on three prominent sessions. He shares his personal highlights from the conference.

(On stage) Tom Connor, Technical Specialist, and (remote from Ireland) Karyn Harty, Partner, of McCann FitzGerald, co-presenting the Thursday Keynote session, The Future is Now, during Technology in Practice 2017.

This post was originally published on eDisclosure Information Project and has been republished here with permission.


“The reaction of those I spoke to at Technology in Practice was overwhelmingly positive and deservedly so. It covered a good mix of legal, practical and technical subjects and retained a focus on Canadian practice while looking beyond Canada for additional ideas.”

Technology in Practice is hosted in Toronto by Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada. This was its 10th year and I was very pleased to be asked to take part.

The agenda was assembled by Jennifer Johnson and had a thematic consistency across its two days, which one rarely finds at these events. The highlights, my own panels apart, were the keynotes – this in of itself is something of a first for me since I rarely find keynote speeches as valuable as the subject-specific sessions which follow them.

To open, we had Karyn Harty of McCann Fitzgerald via a live link, represented by Tom Connor, also of McCann Fitzgerald, at the podium. The story was of the transition from a “fountain-pen firm” to one which uses technology, and the right people, to advance in all areas of practice, keeping costs down for the client while keeping the firm ahead of its rivals (and, indeed, ahead of many larger firms in bigger cities).

Having seen how well Karyn Harty’s session went, I have to say that the idea of appearing by video link is an attractive one. A moment’s thought, however, showed that moderating panels (my usual role) would not really work remotely, quite apart from the loss of the useful discussion which is my main benefit of physical attendance, so it’s back to aeroplanes for me... Read the full article at

Thank you, Chris Dale, for your participation and support of the conference!

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