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Friday Top Nine for Dec 1, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Dec 1, 2017 5:44:30 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: Maybe Robots Will Hire More Lawyers Instead of Taking Our Jobs, Bionic Lawyers: AI, Tech & Automating Your Legal Practice, How to Truly Support Women in Private Practice and more...


  1. CSIS's Ask for Telecom Subscriber Info of Possible Future Targets Denied

    "Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton said CSIS failed to show a sufficient connection between its investigation and the people whose privacy rights would be compromised." (via

  2. Maybe Robots Will Hire More Lawyers Instead of Taking Our Jobs

    "Back 50 years ago, pretty much the only way to define a procedure for anything was to write it down, and have humans implement it. But then along came computers, and programming. And very soon it started to be possible to define vastly more complex procedures—to be implemented not by humans, but instead by computers.(via

  3. Predictions and Pitfalls for 2018 on Closing Gaps in Cybersecurity

    "Unfortunately, the ever-changing digital environment that we all now live in will continue to drive all types of data threats in the new year ahead, especially since many adversarial organizations are well-funded, smart and determined.(via

  4. Navigating the Digital Geography of Remote Work in Legal

    "Voicing a common refrain on the “why” of remote work, Jim Oviyach—an e-discovery application specialist—points out the natural portability of his work: “Almost any job that relies on technology lends itself to remote working. You're already using the very same tools. It doesn't really matter where.”" (via

  5. Uber Says 2.7M UK Users Affected by 2016 Data Breach

    "On Friday the government said it had been informed by Uber that UK users were affected by the 2016 breach, though it did not disclose the number at that stage. Uber only publicly disclosed the existence of the data breach this month, close to a year after learning that hackers had accessed data on a total of 57M Uber users and drivers."  (via

  6. Finding the Solution For Women in Big Law

    "When we talk about women in the legal market, it’s critical to recognize that the problem doesn’t stem from one individual concern, but rather complex, fundamental challenges."  (via

  7. Bionic Lawyers: AI, Tech & Automating Your Legal Practice

    "The biggest misconception with AI and software, particularly in the legal space, is that we have developed what is called general or super intelligence. Meaning that a computer system can recognize and resolve new problems that its designers had not originally built it to for. We have not. This dynamic problem-solving ability remains the exclusive ability of humans, for now."  (via

  8. How to Truly Support Women in Private Practice

    "Everyone knows there aren’t enough female partners in private practice. In Ontario, about 20 percent of partners are women — a statistic that has remained stagnant despite the fact that, over the past two decades, more than half of law-school graduates have been female."  (via

  9. Canada’s New Cyber Security Stategy Will be Based on 5 Principles

    "A senior Canadian government official has given a conference of infosec pros a peek at the coming updated federal cyber security strategy without divulging many details, including whether police and intelligence agencies will get more money and how Ottawa will encourage small and medium businesses to take information security more seriously."  (via

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