Friday Top Nine for August 25, 2017

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Aug 25, 2017 5:51:31 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. The Risk of Border Searches for Lawyers

    "Lawyers in particular have grown accustomed to traveling not only with their own information but with clients’ information – attorney-client emails, documents relating to legal representations, etc. Lawyers traveling internationally have been alerted to the risk – however remote – that they will be on the receiving end of warrantless, suspicionless border searches of their cell phones and computers, which could in theory lead to government review and capture of not only their own information but also clients’ confidential and privileged information." (via

  2. Canadian Firms: How Can you Ensure File Sharing Security as you Scale?

    "As companies expand to occupy multiple locations across the globe and accommodate remote workers and teams, the cloud has become an integral part of how information is stored, shared, delivered, updated, edited, and more. Unfortunately, recent polls by FICO shows that 36 per cent of Canadian firms do not have insurance against any cyberattack.(via

  3. Three Trends in Technology and How They Can Boost Efficiency

    "Whether you’re running a small law firm or a big one, technology is an integral part of the day-to-day operations. Almost every part of the legal field is now affected—or even enhanced—by the use of technology.(via

  4. Updating 'Briefcase Law': Defence Lawyers Try to End Warrantless Smartphone Searches at Border

    "Unlike a briefcase or a filing cabinet, judges have found, a smartphone can contain "immense amounts of information" that touch a person's 'biographical core.' " (via

  5. ‘Canadians are Concerned’: Private Data on the Table in NAFTA Negotiations

    "Some American companies offer a Canadian data storage option in response to market demand and governments should continue to have freedom to protect citizens’ information and privacy rights as they see fit" (via

  6. The Importance of Strategic Planning for In-House Counsel

    "It is essential that in-house counsel remain at all times not just a manager of risk and litigation but rather a strategic partner with the business team. What this means and to what extent the legal department plays such a role varies from one in-house department to another, but it is critical that in-house leaders think about how the department adds value for its clients and how its strategic plans align and advance those of the client."  (via

  7. Taking eDiscovery to the Cloud Is the Smart Security Solution

    "A common discussion point these days involves the cloud as the end-all, be-all solution for hosting data or running applications. It certainly offers a lot of conveniences."  (via

  8. How To Advance Your Own Career

    " get ahead you need to know one crucial skill: How to advocate for yourself and your own professional development."  (via

  9. LawBot Team Plans ‘Lawyer v Machine’ Case Prediction Challenge

    "The team behind LawBot, the legal advice chatbot created last year by Cambridge University law students, is planning a live ‘lawyer v machine’ challenge similar to the one in which IBM’s Watson won the US quiz show Jeopardy."  (via

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