Friday Top Five for January 8, 2021

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Jan 8, 2021 10:44:58 AM

Five great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Cybersecurity 2020 Year In Review — And A Look Into 2021

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Via Law Journal Newsletters

Every year-end article you read will include “unprecedented,” or “unpredictable,” or “unbelievable,” or just plain “crazy.” Law Journal Newsletters says 2020 was all those things and more. In their year in review recap, the publication teamed up with LegalTech News to interview some of the top voices of our industry (including ActiveNav's CRO, Dean Gonsowski) to discuss what happened last year and what's to come.


Apple's App 'Privacy Labels' Are Here—and They're a Big Step Forward

Friday Top 5 Image - 01082021 - 2Via Wired

As of December 14, 2020, Apps in the Mac and iOS App Stores will display mandatory labels that provide a rundown of their privacy policies — somewhat like "nutrition facts" for apps. It's Apple's most visible move yet to give you easily digestible details about what data every app collects and has access to and, most importantly, what they do with it. Wired reports the labels will have three categories: Data Used to Track You, Data Linked to You and Data Not Linked to You, with bullet points for each detailing what the app has going on under the hood.


7 big data wishes for 2021: IoT standardization, stronger use cases, and more

Friday Top 5 Image - 01082021 - 3Via Tech Republic

While we couldn't have predicted all that 2020 threw at us (and it was a lot), that won't stop us from trying again this year, especially in technology. This week, Tech Republic published a wish list of boxes we can hope to see big data check off in the coming year including IoT standardization, stronger business use cases, enhanced security and driving purposeful digital transformation.


The growing demand for investigation skills in compliance

Friday Top 5 Image - 01082021 - 4Via Compliance Week

As the compliance world continues to evolve, the skill sets needed by compliance staff are changing. According to Compliance Week, the ability to run investigations effectively and efficiently is now highly prized, and key skills, such as understanding the use of technology like eDiscovery and digital forensics, will be among the most fundamental for practitioners in the years ahead. Learn how COVID-19 has created opportunity, pressure and rationalization among compliance workers and what's to come, here.


TOP 10 robotic and artificial intelligence stories of 2020

Friday Top 5 Image - 01082021 - 5Via Design Boom

AI to create portraits of historical figures, robots used to disinfect hospital rooms and hyper-realistic dolphins to replace captive marine mammals in shows. It's safe to say 2020 put a lot of interesting AI designs to use. Read Design Boom's top ten robotic and artificial intelligence stories that highlight the brilliance and moments of positivity from the past year. 

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