Friday Top 9 for November 22

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Nov 22, 2019 4:26:24 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Canada Launches Data Governance Standardization Initiative

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Via Global Government Forum

Experts from government, industry and civil society have joined forces to establish a "Canadian Data Governance Standardization Collaborative" with the aim of developing a national data standards road map. The group will help both organizations and Canadian citizens benefit from data while managing the associated security and privacy risks. Currently, the group is reviewing case studies to better understand where the gaps within data governance exist and how they can be bridged. Learn all the details in Global Government Forum's recent article


Active Navigation Secures $11 Million Series A Funding

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Via Yahoo! Finance

Big news came this week when Active Navigation, a partner of Ricoh eDiscovery, announced that it has closed an $11 million funding round led by venture capital firm Mobeus. The data privacy and governance software brand will use the funds to accelerate the development of its new privacy-oriented SaaS product, scale operations and continue to expand internationally. Read the full press release here


Legal Tech: What's Next?

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Via C Tech

The changes that technology has introduced to the legal profession have been dramatic. New advancements under the legal tech umbrella can do anything from freeing workers from an array of exhausting tasks to identifying relevant precedents. There's now even technology that can help predict rulings based on statics of certain judges. C Tech published an interesting article this week on how these innovations will continue to revolutionize the legal profession. 


Office 365 Admins Targeted in Ongoing Phishing Scam

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Via Threat Post

A phishing campaign that uses legitimate organizations’ Office 365 infrastructure to send emails has emerged onto the cyberscam scene. Cybercriminals are now looking to compromise Microsoft Office 365's administrator accounts to send our phishing lures, making it so the emails are coming from seemingly legitimate, validated domains. Since admins have control over all email accounts on a domain, the attackers are using those privileges to set up new accounts in the system. Check out Threat Post's recent article to learn more about the issue, plus tips on how to stay safe. 


Legal Tech First is a New Milestone for Profession

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Via Daily Business

A Scottish lawyer has become the first person in the UK to receive an official accreditation in legal technology. Sam Moore, Innovation Manager at Burness Paull, has been awarded ‘Accredited Legal Technologist’ status by the Law Society of Scotland (LSS). Daily Business reports this achievement marks a new milestone in the world of LawTech as the new professional standard is the first of its kind. Time will tell whether other countries follow suit and formalize an accreditation for our niche industry. 


Disney Plus User Accounts Already Found on Hacking Sites

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It's only been 10 days since Disney launched their Disney Plus streaming service, and already they've become victim to cyber security issues. While the company stated that it hasn't experienced a "security breach" per se, they did admit that they've had to shut out users after hackers tried to break into their accounts. CBC reports that it's likely that hackers found email and password combinations re-used by Disney Plus subscribers after they'd previously been stolen from other online services. 


Hundreds of Millions of Android Users Affected by Android Camera Security Threat

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Via Forbes

It seems that there's not a week that goes by where we don't mention Google. This time, it has to do with their smartphones. According to, an eerie vulnerability has been discovered on Google and Samsung phones. Apparently hackers can take control of camera apps and remotely take photos, record video, spy on conversations, identify locations and more — all of which occur completely undetected by the phones' users. Learn all the details on this development here


Why Competitive Law Firms Use Technology to Manage Legal Transactions 

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Via Legal IT Insider

"No one is still using pen and paper to write contracts—so why are so many firms still using pen and paper to execute them?" In Legal IT Insider's recent opinion piece, the author begs the question why firms are still suffering through laborious, error-prone and expensive paper-driven deal closings when there are so many other alternatives available. Read the full article to see why incorporating tech in law firms helps them close faster, automate processes and mitigate risks. 


3 Insights on Data Minimization

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Via Relativity

In a world of growing pressure from regulators, higher stakes, bigger data, and increasing demand for data privacy, the personal data that resides in companies’ data repositories is becoming a bigger risk than ever. This week Relativity posted the findings to a recent survey on data minimization. This survey uncovers how effectively — or ineffectively — companies are tackling compliance and data organization to satisfy new regulatory norms. If you're not interested in reading the full report, they also summarized the top three takeaways on their blog.

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