Friday Top 9 for November 1

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Nov 1, 2019 4:11:23 PM

Nine great industry news stories from this week you may have missed.

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Canada's AI Standards 

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Via IT World Canada

Canada's CIO Strategy Council has released a new set of standards to help organizations responsibly deploy emerging technologies that use AI. The council, which is backed by 100 experts and thought leaders, is believed to be the first organization to make this sort of standard. Learn all the details of the new standard in IT World Canada's article


Legaltech: Treadmill or Tool?

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Via Canadian Lawyer

According Mark Le Blanc, General Counsel at TVO, "Legal tech is not a treadmill if you have good process and it is actually used. If not, you’ve just got a place to hang clothes." In his recent article in Canadian Lawyer's Magazine, Mark explains how to overcome the challenges that come with implementing new legaltech systems. Read the full article to learn how to get more value out of your legal department. 


Dark Data

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Via Forbes

We often hear the term "dark data", but what does it really mean? Forbes recent article explains what exactly the term entails and, more importantly, why you need to care about it. Find out how to manage your dormant files here


Relativity Fest 2019

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Via Relativity

Another Relativity Fest has come and gone. Lucky for us, they've compiled the top 20 quotes from the event so we can reflect on the biggest takeaways from the week. Read the "Best of Fest" here


Ontario Science Centre Data Breach

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Via Toronto Star

According to the Toronto Star, a data breach has exposed the names and email addresses of approximately 174,000 Ontario Science Centre members, donors and customers. This breach occurred during summer when someone made a copy of the centre's subscriber emails and names without authorization. Learn all the details we know of the breach in this week's article


Using AI to Eliminate Bias from Hiring

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Via Harvard Business Review

Do unconscious human biases make hiring unfair? According to Harvard Business Review's recent article, the answer is yes. While many companies may believe they're on the cutting edge of recruitment processes, they may be hindering managers from seeing the entire pool of applicants. Find out how AI can assess the entire pipeline of candidates and eliminate the bias behind hiring.  


Protecting Personal Data

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What happens on your phone doesn't always stay on your phone. Social media companies, corporations and the government can track your location, internet use and conversations, without you knowing. How much of your information are you giving away — and to whom? Find out how you can protect your personal data on CBC


Getting Your Digital Accounts Ready In Case of Death

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Via New York Times

It may be a morbid thought, but what would happen to your digital accounts if you died today? The New York Time's has listed the four steps you should take to ensure that your loved ones can manage your data after you've passed. 


Future-Ready Law Firms

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Via Above the Law

As we approach the end of the year, many law firms are considering which technologies to adopt in 2020. Review the Future Ready Lawyer survey results and what legaltech you should consider on Above the Law

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