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eDiscovery Tips for Small Law Firms

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Nov 16, 2017 3:16:22 PM


Technology in Practice 2017 Small Law Forum "Evening the Playing Field" featured in Canadian Lawyer Magazine. 

Written by: Alexia Kapralos for Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Lawyers must thrive in a world where information is readily available and growing exponentially and that includes small law firms even if they don’t have specialized e-discovery or technology-related departments, according to a panel of experts on the subject.

The surge of documents and growing size of files means that new challenges arise and the way documents are accessed must also evolve. E-discovery technology can help in using documents efficiently, even in small law firms, said Sean Lynch, manager of legal solutions at Commonwealth Legal who moderated a panel called "Evening the Playing Field" at the Technology in Practice conference in Toronto Nov. 9.

“We have a unique opportunity as small firms because of the challenges that these changes create for us. I think one of the things that my firm has consistently tried to model is a culture within the firm of change — that we’re prepared to take on change, adapt to change,” said James LeBer, managing partner of Advocates LLP in London, Ont.  “We see it as a competitive opportunity for us.”

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