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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is the Vice President of Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada. Read Her Full Profile.

Jennifer Johnson

Announcing Ricoh eDiscovery in Canada

Aug 9, 2018 5:08:07 PM | Jennifer Johnson

In June 2014, Commonwealth Legal was acquired by Ricoh Canada as part of a broader strategy focused on the advancement of Ricoh Canada's Services transformation. The four years that followed the acquisition have been a dynamic and fruitful chapter in our 20-year history as we continued to grow and expand our presence in the eDiscovery market.

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Canadian Observations in the Fall 2016 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey

Dec 15, 2016 6:49:30 PM | Jennifer Johnson

Yesterday, I sat on a panel to discuss the recent eDiscovery Business Confidence survey results, which for the first time separated Canadian responses from those in the US. Canadians made up 20% of the respondents with 50% being law firms, and the other being made up largely of Government agencies and eDiscovery serrvice providers.

The survey results highlighted a few interesting subtleties in the Canadian eDiscovery marketplace:

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Is eDiscovery Getting Easier?

Mar 7, 2016 4:30:00 AM | Jennifer Johnson

As Canadian law firms make the leap to next generation technology, there is a desire to balance the requirements of their average cases with the need for advanced technology that will allow them to position themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This puts more pressure on technology decisions than ever before.

We sat down with Kim Taylor, COO and President of Ipro, to find out what his predictions are for the ediscovery industry, and to gain first-hand insight into how their ever-evolving suite of tools may satisfy and influence our marketplace. 

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The emergence of ediscovery as a business process

Jul 21, 2015 3:57:00 PM | Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson featured in

The legal industry is experiencing a significant cultural shift as corporations are becoming increasingly motivated to implement ediscovery as a business process and take a proactive approach to managing costs associated with discovery. This includes implementing information and evidence management technologies such as Symantec’s Clearwell or kCura’s Relativity behind their own firewall, establishing standard processes and procedures around the organization and collection of data, and providing more explicit direction on how and when data is shared with their outside counsel.

Historically, if a corporation was involved in a litigation, they often used “fire drill tactics," meaning a compelling event would cause them to stop the regular course of business, grab all of the data they could and send it to their outside counsel to discover and manage. Law firms would then review everything using a document-by-document, linear approach, which could get quite costly depending on the size of the case.

“Canadian corporations are looking for ways to better manage their legal spend by taking control of the ediscovery process and changing the way they interact with outside counsel,” says Commonwealth Legal vice-president, Jennifer Johnson.

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Five Easy Steps to Get Started Using Analytics

Mar 12, 2015 4:30:00 PM | Jennifer Johnson

Analytics tools have been around for a long time. You've probably even used these tools whether you know it or not...

  • Have you grouped similar documents together (near duplication)? Then you have used analytics.

  • Have you reviewed emails by thread rather than chronologically? Then you have used analytics.

The critical barrier to expanding the adoption of analytics is changing the way we work.

The reality is that when we use these tools in a more comprehensive way, we transform our workflows. We are no longer simply opening a database, sorting chronologically by family and clicking through document by document. Now, we must pause to assess the case and look at it in a more holistic manner. It is undeniable that analytics helps us to recognize key concepts and patterns that a human being could never have the time or mental capacity to assess. From this perspective, analytics mimics, and likely exceeds, the combined insights of a whole team of experts.

But, who has time to change the way they work on an important case? 

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Is the traditional law firm model "gone the way of the dodo"?

Mar 4, 2015 3:14:50 PM | Jennifer Johnson

Earlier this month, Lexpert Business of Law put out the article, Transformative Practice: will the traditional law firm model dominate much longer in Canada?, which comments on the current and changing state of the Canadian law firm market. It's a worth-while read, but what really resonated with me was this quote:

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