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We are committed to providing relevant and useful information that will keep you informed on the latest eDiscovery trends, industry developments and events that matter to you. In fact, the last thing we want to do is send you unwanted information. We typically send a maximum of one or two targeted emails per month and post regularly to our social media accounts, which you can follow by clicking on any of the icons below.

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We will never rent or sell your information, and if you do wish to unsubscribe at any time, our emails include a link at the bottom for you to safely unsubscribe or update your preferences. You can also contact us at clientservices@ricohediscovery with the words "Opt-Out" in the subject line and we'll take care of it immediately.

Types of content you can expect from us:

Product & Services Updates
News and feature updates about our eDiscovery and litigation technology partners.

Live Webinar Presentations
Details about when our online webinars are scheduled that feature informative product demonstrations and industry best-practices.

Event Communications
Personal invitations and announcements for our hosted and sponsored events.

Thought Leadership
Articles written by guest contributors and experts within Ricoh eDiscovery  to provide educational and practical content for Canadian legal professionals.


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