Offshore Coding

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We recognize that the mounting volume of documents involved in litigation puts more pressure on you to adhere to strict timelines, control costs and produce a reliable Affidavit of Documents. In response to this challenge, we are proud to extend Ricoh eDiscovery's commitment to quality and service beyond the Canadian borders by offering you the choice between Domestic and Offshore Coding.

With so many overseas companies offering coding services, Ricoh eDiscovery was vigilant in our careful selection of a successful and reputable international coding firm. Our Offshore Coding partner has been providing coding services since 1995 and is ISO 9000 certified. They employ the same rigorous staffing protocols and technology-based controls that we use to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data at all times, and have implemented the same multi-level quality control processes and standards that are used for all of our domestic services.

To further ensure quality, we assign a Canadian Project Manager to every offshore project and back all work with the Ricoh eDiscovery promise: The project is not complete until you are satisfied.


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