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Digital Forensics Services

Comprehensive solutions for fast, reliable, and defensible ESI collection.

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A proven way to collect data.

Key litigation information may be hiding in a myriad of digital locations. When you work with our team of forensics experts, we offer customizable Electronically Stored Information (ESI) collections and ESI management options. Our experts truly understand the litigation process, and work closely with you to determine what types of data are most important in any given case.

Our comprehensive data collection services include on-site and in-lab collection in Canada. Our lab facility is equipped to collect ESI from mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers in a forensically sound manner utilizing industry trusted technology.

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Customizable digital forensic ESI collection

Accessing and collecting evidence for litigation can seem daunting. It may be hiding in any number of digital locations, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and social media, and it must remain uncompromised. Why outsource your collection needs to our team of digital forensic experts? With our proven experience and powerful technology, we'll provide you with a solution tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Collections Lab located within Canada
  • Onsite collection
  • Remote online collection
  • Remote collection at a certified Ricoh data forensics facility


A highly defensible and auditable process
Rely on smart technology to get the job done right

Data Collection and Forensics solutions are just the beginning. We offer best-in-class technologies that provide customized support through the entire ESI discovery process, including every element in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Our wide range of services includes:

  • eDiscovery planning and site assessments
  • Spoliation examinations
  • Encryption bypass
  • ESI search and filtering
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Intellectual property theft analysis
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Mobile lab services
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Law Firms & Corporations Choose Ricoh For Collecting For Various Use Cases

eDiscovery Collection

Efficiently search, filter, collect and produce responsive electronic records in support of your litigation efforts from workstations, email and network shares. Our processes are scalable from small businesses to multi-national corporate networks

Digital Media Preservation

Secure a verified copy of any data source for preservation or production in litigation matters. e-Forensic staff are experienced in preserving hard disks, servers, email, webmail, smart phones, cell phones, digital video recorders (including security cameras), tablets and a variety of portable media.

Litigation Support

Ricoh has the technical knowledge and experience that can be of crucial assistance in preparing agreements, orders, affidavits, Anton Piller orders and interviewing IT witnesses.

Forensic Analysis

Our experts use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to glean and explain relevant data from preserved media. We have extensive experience “connecting the dots” in digital media investigations. All our experts are certified in the use of industry standard forensic analysis software and have had years of experience in providing clear, concise written reports for use in court or arbitration matters.

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