Case Management

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For clients who are faced with reviewing a large collection of documents within a short period of time, the case management services offered by Ricoh eDiscovery will help you design a solution to reduce the time involved reviewing irrelevant documents while ensuring your database is structured in a way to maximize the effectiveness, consistency and productivity of your review team. With the increasing volume of documents in an average case today, the need to deploy an organized and well trained review team quickly is more important than ever. Ricoh eDiscovery offers best of breed document review software applications, workflow design services, customized reporting, key word search strategies, multiple levels of security and online training. We will help you implement an effective strategy to handle large data volumes efficiently while reducing the costs associated with the processing and reviewing irrelevant documents.

Culling Services

Ricoh eDiscovery can help you implement defensible and results-oriented culling strategies at the earliest possible stage in the litigation process. Our team will assess, locate and organize key evidence efficiently in order to manage scope and volume, and reduce ongoing review, storage and handling costs at each stage of the eDiscovery process.

We use results-oriented culling strategies to identify potentially responsive and privileged documents, and preserve or process them according to the applicable security protocols and legal requirements of the case.

Review Design and Administration

We will work with your legal team to review and produce documents in a timely, effective and secure manner by prioritizing document throughput from the identification stage through to production, and assist with the most critical aspects of evidence management:

  • Organize and managing key sets of documents
  • Align the review efforts of in-house and outside counsel including the administration of security and streamlining of workflows

  • Design an effective and efficient workflow in line with the case timeline and budget

  • Maximize the skills and productivity of the review team to meet budget and timeline constraints

  • Ensure consistent handling of documents with similar content

  • Create defensible, quality-controlled productions to other parties