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Are you looking for the ideal software solution to meet your law firm's emerging needs?
One that is feature rich, affordable and scalable to meet individual case demands?


What if we told you that you can have access to your ideal solution, starting tomorrow, at an economical, fixed monthly fee... risk free!

HaveItAll_Clouds_clear_short.pngManaged Services from
Commonwealth Legal

Managed by us. Controlled by you.
The software of your choice. In the Cloud.
…at a fixed monthly rate

Managed Services from Commonwealth Legal is designed to give organizations of any size access to industry-leading technology and empower them to manage and review electronic evidence with confidence and ease. Whether you have in-house resources in place or are just establishing a vision for technology in your practice, we will work with you to design a powerful solution that aligns industry-leading technology to your resources, budget and case needs.

We will work with you to gain confidence in your chosen application, implement best practices, leverage your internal team resources and enhance your capabilities exponentially.

Experience the simplest way to achieve reliable, responsive and high performace results, at a predictable cost.


Move your technology initiative forward in a way that is easy and
low risk.

Sign up for a 6-month Contract for as little as $1495/month.