Discover a new era of Intelligent Information Management solutions

The current speed of business demands agile, streamlined workflows and technology to manage increasing information management requirements.
If you’re looking for an intelligent approach to managing information that delivers efficiency, transparency, collaboration, insight, and security, you do not want to miss this event!

Please join us for this unique “TechTalk” format and networking event that will bring industry leaders together to explore leading-edge technology solutions that will transform the way your organization manages your data.



Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 2:00 - 6:00pm

133 - 9 AVE, S.W., Calgary 
Turner Valley Room



Featuring “TechTalks” and demonstrations showcasing solutions for managing unstructured data, digital rights management, contract analysis, legal hold and compliance, document discovery and digital signatures.


Registration & Networking


Welcome & Introductions

3:00 - 4:20pm

TechTalk Sessions

Each session is 15 minutes with 5 minutes in between. Attendees can attend a maximum of 4 sessions, so choose wisely!


TechTalk 1: Take Control of Your Data

Presented by 452_photo_5876

Active Navigation is a proven, market-leading software for file analysis that enables content discovery, remediation, compliance management, and ongoing governance - enabling organizations to gain full control over their data along with valuable business intelligence and insight.

Find out just how easily you can get to the heart of your data and uncover its true value during the Active Navigation TechTalk.


TechTalk 2: Contract Management 2.0

Presented by heretik-logo-2017

Heretik is a Relativity application that leverages machine learning to structure contract data for smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions. Organizations can greatly reduce the resources required to manage contracts using customizable dashboards, viewing and comparison tools, and comprehensive quality control.

Find out how you can readily access critical information and review contracts lightning-fast to realize their full potential, mitigate risk, and meet obligations during the Heretik TechTalk.


TechTalk 3: Automate Compliance

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eDCaseMAN tracks chain of custody, ensures auditable workflows and supports GDPR compliance - enabling organizations to leverage customizable process management capabilities to automate and take control of their preservation and legal hold process.

Find out how you can remain proactive in the management of privacy, risk and compliance at the current pace of business during the BRITE TechTalk.


TechTalk 4: Reduce Your Legal Spend

Presented by Ricoh Logo PNG-1

The time has come to reinvent document review and abolish its status as the most expensive phase of the discovery process. Advanced analytics has had a significant impact on the roles and workflows of legal teams, and the days of batching out documents to review in a linear format are now gone.  Never again will your legal team need to manually review documents one-by-one. 

Find out how you can get to your most relevant documents faster and achieve upwards of 50% cost savings on your legal spend during the Ricoh eDiscovery TechTalk.


TechTalk 5: Secure and Expedite Signatures


Using digital signature is faster and often safer than traditional mediums. Electronic signature solutions can be programmed to automatically maintain a streamlined process when approvals are required from more than one person. Take the first step towards higher information mobility for increased workplace productivity through seamless document workflows.

Find out how to close business deals faster with a solution that supports more than 200 million users in 188 countries and enables signing in 43 languages during this Ricoh TechTalk.


TechTalk 6: File-Centric Security

Featuring: fasoo-e1520180052966

Find out how to keep documents safe and stay compliant inside and outside your organization and to prevent unintended disclosure or exposure of your valuable digital assets. No longer will the wrong person be able to access the wrong file - where ever it may go. Fasoo is a file-based security solution protects, controls, and tracks sensitive files containing intellectual property, trade secrets, personally identifiable information (PII), and more.

Find out how to ensure persistent protection of files that bring policies to life in your organization at this Ricoh TechTalk. 


TechTalk 7: Workstyle Innovation

Presented by    Ricoh Logo PNG-1

Find out what the new world of work looks like in high-performing organizations today.  Ricoh’s workstyle innovation solutions are designed to meet today’s challenge of fostering innovation, achieving ROI on your assets, maximizing productivity levels and engaging a new kind of employee with unique needs and workstyle.  The pace of information sharing, decision-making and work itself is demanding an environment that maximizes productivity, enables mobility and fosters collaboration and accelerates innovation.

Find out how to elevate your organization’s performance at this Ricoh TechTalk.


Closing Remarks


Networking Reception & Technology Showcase


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Ricoh is committed to delivering information management solutions that enable organizations to manage their most critical asset – their data – by introducing exceptional efficiencies and cost-savings, while aligning the needs of key stakeholders across your organization.