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Veritas Information Governance Solutions

Empower Decision-Making with Information Insight.

World-class investigations start with world-class analysis

World-class analysis starts with the eDiscovery PlatformIt’s not easy being an investigator. With deadlines pending and thousands of documents to review, there’s no time to fool around with disjointed solutions to get eDiscovery done. From ECA and keywords to concepts and TAR, the eDiscovery Platform provides the ultimate analysis toolkit for isolating potentially relevant items, revealing context, and prioritizing what’s most important.

Veritas offers an integrated portfolio of solutions that provide real-time insight into an organization’s information footprint and empowers information leaders to make decisions about what to protect and what to delete.

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Streamlining eDiscovery Can Save $1 Million in a Single Case

Organizations in heavily regulated industries such as financial services face regular requests from management, regulators or counsel for large numbers of documents to be discovered for assessment. These requests involve the difficult task of sorting through thousands of documents looking for important, and often unknown, information in order to make key strategic decisions.

Ricoh eDiscovery is the first partner in Canada to reach the eDiscovery Competency at the Expert Level
. By working with Ricoh eDiscovery, you will receive the expertise and support that you need to truly benefit from the power of the Veritas ediscovery Platform. We establish a predictable financial model for ediscovery by implementing a technology-driven approach that guarantees a quick return on your investment. Corporations, law firms and government agencies from across Canada partner with Ricoh eDiscovery to dramatically reduce the amount of money, time and risk associated with their discovery and review requirements, saving upwards of 90% annually on legal spend.


Unstructured data analytics

Holding users accountable for file usage and security. You see a growing sense of urgency to gain control of costs associated with storing and maintaining information along with a need to reduce the compliance and security risks. But where do you start? Most of the information is dark data,—no one really knows who the owner is and whether it’s business relevant or not.

Veritas Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs, reduce risk, and achieve compliance through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage, and access controls. The reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities in Data Insight give organizations an understanding of what data exists, how it is being used, who owns it, and has access to it.


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