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Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced software solutions used by legal professionals to streamline the discovery process. Ipro's advanced tools for early case assessment, analytical review, processing, and production have been built from the ground up to handle any phase of the electronic discovery process efficiently, cost-effectively, and defensibly.


Hosted Analytical Review

eclipse_logo_Eclipse is a full-featured web-based review platform that combines advanced analytics with efficient review workflows to help your team achieve better reviews in less time. By using the advanced analytics package found in Eclipse, legal teams are able to conceptually cluster relevant document groups, identify and compare near-duplicate documents, combine email threads, and categorize and prioritize documents deemed relevant so they are reviewed first, speeding up the review process and reducing inefficiency.

The Ultimate In-House Discovery, Review, and Production System

eclipse_se_logo_Eclipse SE is an in-house discovery, review, and production platform built to handle cases of any size within your current infrastructure, without requiring a SQL backend or DBA. Intuitive and easy to install, Eclipse SE can be deployed in less than an hour and contains all the functionality you need to perform perform native file ingestion, document review, and full production effortlessly, offering a true all-in-one litigation solution.

While both Eclipse and Eclipse SE can handle large, complex cases, Eclipse SE is an in-house review and production platform while Eclipse is a web-based, client-server SQL review platform delivered through the web and designed for enterprise-wide deployment. Eclipse is one of the integrated components of the Ipro Enterprise litigation management system, which includes early case assessment, advanced analytics, high-volume ediscovery processing, web-based review, and high-speed production.

Ricoh eDiscovery offers Ipro as a direct install at your firm, as a managed services solution or through our exclusive "Do-It-Yourself" model.


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