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With CaseLogistix, your discovery review teams can quickly organize, review, analyze, and produce anything from paper to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) – significantly reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with ediscovery.

CaseLogistix_WorkflowOne of the fastest document review tools available, CaseLogistix provides ediscovery teams with a more complete view of original documents as well as metrics to verify throughput at every stage of the process. With CaseLogistix, you can group documents with similar content, examine documents in several file formats, and use non-linear review to evaluate documents with greater context. For more information on CaseLogistix, click here or contact our sales team today.

Key Features:

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Intuitive Design: Case Logistix looks and feels like other common office tools. With a customizable user interface and nested radio button coding, the tool can accommodate user preference.


Advanced Search: Build complex search queries without the need to understand Structured Query Language (SQL). Easily search across all fields, document text and notes, as well as search within the results of a quick search.


Intelligent Organization: Case Logistix automatically organizes and prioritizes documents, in real time, through its intelligent folder structure – IntelliFolders™.


Native Review: Case Logistix lets you review documents in native formats, maintaining key formatting and metadata, which can mean the difference between knowing what is important or not, and privileged or not.


Flexibility: Case Logistix enables you to review documents in a variety of formats so you can review in a way that meets the need of the case – rather than forcing the case to adjust to the application.


Security: Granularly control security at folder, document, data, and functional levels, ensuring that users see only what they need to see.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Review image files without the need for costly document conversions.

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