Jennifer Brookman | Director of eDiscovery Marketing, North America

Jennifer Brookman joined Commonwealth Legal in January 2008 in the position of Client Services Representative to support the success of the growing Vancouver office and to learn the business of litigation support and evidence management. During her time in this role, Jennifer also actively volunteered to apply her marketing knowledge and experience wherever it was needed. She quickly became a valuable marketing resource for the company, which led to her eventual promotion to Marketing Manager.

In her current position at Commonwealth Legal as the Director of eDiscovery Marketing, North America, Jennifer is responsible for the strategic leadership, development and execution of all eDiscovery marketing initiatives in both Canada and the US. She brings over 15 years of Marketing and Client Service related experience to her role, including five years at Radiant Communications as an Account Executive, where she was responsible for the development and execution of national client marketing campaigns, budgets and media plans, and three years at Physi-cal Enterprises as the Director of Marketing, where she was responsible for the leadership of all marketing initiatives and content development and management of the company's retail website. Jennifer is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Marketing Management and Communications program.


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