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Force Majeure workflows & capabilities - for today's urgency and tomorrow's risk.

Review and assess your contractual risk up to 60% faster. 

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Pre-built, out-of-the-box analysis for contract risks.

The current crisis has brought force majeure clauses, termination clauses, and business interruption insurance policies to the top of every corporation’s mind. Having fast and accurate insight into your web of contracts and policies can make all the difference in weathering this storm. 

Ricoh's Contract Analysis workflows, powered by Heretik, bring together human expertise with AI-driven capabilities to help you make smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions with your contract data.
  • Centralized Contracts: Bring all of your contracts into one pre-built artificial intelligence-powered platform for simplified analysis and review.
  • Fast Insight Into Your Clauses: Do your contracts consider pandemics? Find all of your force majeure clauses in seconds so your teams can assess risk and liability quickly and effectively. 
  • React in Real-Time: Reduce weeks of work to only one day in order to lessen economic loss and prepare for future risks.


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