Electronic Closing Books

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For law firms who are looking for a great way to demonstrate their technology capabilities and to provide a value added service to their clients, electronic closing books can be a great way to share information.

An Electronic Closing Book is a scanned, fully searchable version of a closing book stored on a CD or DVD with bookmarking to identify the major sections. Closing books generally involve multiple volumes and require copies to be circulated to various parties in relation to a major corporate transaction or agreement, Closing Books are traditionally prepared in binders or bound volumes and can be cumbersome and costly to store and deliver to your client.

Converting your paper Closing Book to PDF, allows for easier navigation and management of thousands of documents on a single CD or DVD. Images can also be integrated with or imported into internal document management systems as required. Electronic closing books are formatted to be highly intuitive with the help of Adobe Acrobat software.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cost effective duplication of electronic files (reduce the cost of paper photocopies)

  • Easy to search, navigate, review and annotate

  • Can be integrated with internal document management systems

  • Store thousands of pages on a portable laptop or CD/DVD

  • Reduce the need for Closing Book physical storage space

  • Prevent the loss or misplacement of original documents

  • Provide your client with an impressive, value-added electronic copy of their closing book

Send your paper-based Closing Book to Ricoh eDiscovery and we will provide you with a single CD/DVD containing all of the documents in high-quality, searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Hyperlinks and bookmarks will be created to help you navigate through the electronic closing book in an easy and intuitive format.

We will also provide you with a customized CD/DVD face and case cover, designed to ensure that your electronic closing book fits in with your firm's branding.


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