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Contract Analysis

Analyze Contracts Faster, More Accurately, and at a
Lower Cost

Organizations are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, improve company performance and comply with changes to rules and regulations. 

Our Contract Analysis solutions combine the power of AI-driven contract review with experience. Together, our Relativity-certified experts and Intelligent Document Review lawyers provide a highly-efficient, accurate review of your contracts - saving you both time and money. 

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Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

Powered by Heretik, an application that works in tandem with Ricoh's RelativityOne platform, we will help you access critical information from your contracts to realize their full potential, mine for opportunities, meet obligations and, mitigate risk. You will have actionable, structured contract data at your fingertips that you can use to align business drivers - all while greatly reducing the resources required to manage your contracts.

Aligning to changes in rules and regulations is an obligation that organizations face on an annual basis. By combining Heretik with RelativityOne, we'll help you quickly review your contracts and pinpoint impacted sections, allowing your team to achieve compliance and assess any further risk exposure faster than your competition.


Why Ricoh for your Contract Analysis needs?

  • Complete analysis
  • Detailed version comparison
  • Section-level database
  • Integrated, smart grouping
  • Flexible project structure
  • Review prioritization

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Find out how Ricoh's Contract Analysis solutions can help you access critical information from your contracts lightning fast.

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