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How We're Managing Work From Home for our Team and Clients

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Mar 18, 2020 10:54:27 AM

Ricoh eDiscovery team video conference on Microsoft Teams

Like many others around the globe, our team has taken to working from home in light of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this new work routine, our commitment to our clients has not changed.

We're dedicated to minimizing disruption to project deliverables and timelines during this unique set of circumstances. Our Professional Services Teams have the capability to provide exceptional customer service to you remotely ensuring we are able to deliver consistent customer service without disruption.  We also expect continuity in our delivery of infrastructure and software as a service. We understand these are uncertain and unsettling times. Rest assured that Ricoh is focused on providing the high-quality technology and service you expect in a safe manner.

As we settle into this new temporary normal, we've mapped out our top tips when working from home for continued mental, physical and professional success:

  1. Stick to your work routines as best you can at home.  Experts recommend starting and ending your day at the same times as you would in the office or if you typically go for a run before work, be sure to continue this routine to keep in your usual rhythm. 
  2. Remember the importance of an ergonomic set up. Not everyone has the advantage of having a home office. Whether you're working from a desk or kitchen table, it's important to find a set up that works for you. This means keeping your feet flat on the ground, arms relaxed in a comfortable position while typing and using a chair that supports your back. Little changes like using a mouse (versus your laptop track pad) can help ensure proper posture. 
  3. Use technology to stay connected with your colleagues and managers through instant messenger or emails to maintain your sense of team work. Try adding video to your Skype or Teams calls (as you can see we're doing!). Seeing one another can help us feel more connected. At Ricoh, we've also created a group chat where we share helpful resources, brain teasers, Netflix and podcast recommendations, funny pictures and more. It's a great way to keep the conversation going and help each other through the day. 
  4. Don’t forget lunch! Without the office cues that it’s time to eat, it may be easy to keep working until your stomach growls. If others are home right now too, it’s a great time to plan an in-house lunch date with your significant other or kids. That’s not usually something you get to do everyday!
  5. Minimize distractions but try to embrace the chaos. It may be tempting to have the news on in the background, but try your best to limit the amount of things that will take your attention away from your work. That way you can stay focused on the job at hand and enjoy your downtime once you've finished. And, of course, embrace the inevitable barking dog and Disney+ rerun and remind yourself that you're doing your best. 
  6. Take breaks. Take purposeful breaks from sitting at the computer. One great method is to work in 25-minute blocks. Put a timer on, focus on your task and once the alarm goes off, you can reward yourself by making a cup of tea, grabbing a snack or getting some fresh air.
  7. Consider your mental health. Transitioning from working with others to working in isolation can be tricky. Not only can a change in routine be disruptive and unwelcome but we are dealing with an unprecedented situation with COVID-19. If you're feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone. Meditating, practicing yoga or exercising are also great ways to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and increase relaxation. 

As always, our team is available to connect should you have any questions or concerns.

From all of us at Ricoh, we wish you good health.

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