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Four Reasons Why an On-Demand eDiscovery Model Could Work for Your Firm

Posted by Esther Labindao |6 minute read

Sep 14, 2020 3:41:06 PM

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For decades, firms have had to purchase the infrastructure and licenses for software to review their data and invested in robust software to process it. Smaller firms who were unable to purchase processing software would opt to outsource services such as the processing of electronic documents, unitizing and coding of documents. 

On-Demand eDiscovery is changing that.

Technology has advanced in a way that allows firms to now process their data on demand by utilizing their eDiscovery vendor’s software. This lessens expenses, extensive staff training and time spent maintaining servers and databases without sacrificing quality or defensibility.

Not sure whether it’s time to make the switch? Today I’m sharing the top four reasons why this updated model could work for your firm.

Reason #1: Anywhere, anytime availability

eDiscovery technology has come a long way since the days of Summation and Concordance. No longer does your review platform have to be connected to your organization’s network or even installed on your local machine.

As a web-based platform, on-demand solutions are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You will have full access to the services you need from anywhere you can get online. And, by creating custom templates, you can standardize your eDiscovery process around the globe. There is no reliance on VPN or Citrix that can potentially slow down the process and everything is streamlined without your team having to determine what is in line with industry best practices. This allows your team to work remotely in an effective and efficient manner. 

This could work for your firm if:

  • Your team works remotely.
  • Establishing a VPN connection is a challenge.

Reason #2: Enhanced security

Solutions such as VenioOne OnDemand leverages the industry-leading Microsoft® Azure™ cloud for enhanced security. In our system, we have enabled Two-Factor Authentication which notifies you if someone is trying to log into the system using your account. Rest assured, no one can access it without putting in the verification code that’s sent directly to you. Additionally, our VenioOne instance resides in our Azure network. Any data uploaded into the system is automatically encrypted and the data fully resides in Canada.

This could work for your firm if:

  • You’re looking for a more secure means of data storage.

Reason #3: Automatic alerts and status updates

You will receive notifications as your projects move through the automated production workflow. And, with the powerful new analysis and review functionality, you can interact with and filter your documents for greater insight and maximum efficiency. This is especially helpful for firms as the automated notifications allow you to focus on other tasks without having to check on the status within Venio. You will be alerted as soon as your data is ready for review and even when your data has completed exporting. This alleviates the guesswork so you don’t need to babysit the data. Simply log on once the alert has been received.

This could work for your firm if:

  • You work collaboratively with many people.
  • You have many projects on the go at once.
  • You receive your data sets in large sets from your clients. 

Reason #4: Data analysis and review functionality

On-demand technology provides the ability to perform data analysis and review on any of the databases within the platform. Here’s how:

Analyze  The Analyze screen of VenioOne OnDemand provides a high-level overview of what type of files are within your dataset through dashboards and widgets. Additionally, it allows you to apply filters to focus on key documents within your database.

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Review — The Review screen provides an easy method of viewing your documents with the ability to create tags. Users can view the document, metadata, and apply or create tags all within the same screen. Additionally, email threading is automatically applied to all documents that are ingested through the platform, allowing you to apply tags or review based on email threads.

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Production The Production window enables users to export documents to industry standard formats. It is an easy-to-use interface with minimal options. If you are performing subsequent exports, Venio remembers the previous production settings and utilizes it for any new exports. There is no need to try to remember what options were chosen; it’s part of Venio’s automated process. Venio will also automatically create a saved search for each export set so that you can easily identify documents that were previously exported as opposed to some other desktop applications where you are unable to determine the search used for that export.

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Additionally, features like ready-to-use templates, email threading, near-duplication detection and de-NISTing that were once thought to be a “nice to have” are now the standard for an efficient review. 

This could work for your firm if:

  • You need to gain high-level information about data to help make decisions.
  • You don't want to move data between multiple platforms.
  • You want to automate administrative tasks.
  • You're looking for a simplified tool that can make the entire process easy to follow.


On-demand eDiscovery can take out the guesswork and simplify your entire eDiscovery process. To learn more about how VenioOne On Demand can transform your eDiscovery process, get in touch with us today

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